Argumentative Essay: Why College Should Be Free

Around the world from close to a total collapse of South Africa to prosperous Chile and the UK students more often be decided on a radical protest against the high price of higher education. In these protests is not very new, but important slogan: each person should have the right to higher education, hence the need to make it free. But is it really? In our essay on college education we will try to answer this controversial question.

Is it possible and should a college or university education be tuition free?

To successfully move into the future people should be a choice. In the system of education requires the availability of alternative forms of knowledge, need to practice different styles and methods of teaching, the more educational programs, more chances for young people to understand themselves, to feel, to guess their interests and inclinations, to choose exactly the professional life that will give you the chance to fully realize themselves in life, be yourself.

Paid education should offer alternative forms of knowledge and to give way to experimentation and the search for new approaches to learning can contribute to obtaining new knowledge throughout life, not just in early years. There are many young people who do not fit into a recognized institutional framework, and not always the reason for this is the lack of ability often cause quite different in their overabundance. In this case, an individual lesson plan in the paid education system can be a good solution.

The best argument for free college

Paid education in any way and should never be a substitute for a free education. In the absence or small proportion of free education, the country is doomed. Capable people are born in equal measure, just like families, able and willing to pay for the fees and low income in large families, where fees can be onerous. My experience of teaching in state universities and private says that “paid” the students no more and no less talented and no more and no less motivated than those who study at public expense.

Higher education is of great value and benefit, but on the other hand, because all people differ according to their abilities, lifestyle and ideals that society does not need to target every citizen to receive higher education, come what may.

Why college should not be free?

Paid tuition is only a possibility, the question is how to use it. We do not wonder the axe is good or bad? Depends on in whose hands it is, right? So in this case how society will take the opportunity and set the vectors of its development. The very existence of paid forms, if they exist in parallel with the budget set, is a positive thing, as it should increase competition in the market.

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People should have the right to higher education and, as a rule, such a right is, of course, this largely depends on the spectrum of its capabilities. For example, if you take even disadvantaged economically a country where one can’t afford higher education, opportunities abroad still exist, although they require a fair amount of effort, and not always financial currently there are a huge number of charities, providing for a variety of conditions tuition competitive applicants.

The key reasons why college should be free

Research in Economics suggests that in a competitive environment, the quality of services should increase as universities, it is vital to fill in a paid educational program is crucial to filling the revenue part of the University budget, which is quite critical, because it determines the salaries and allowances of teaching staff. Pay higher education shall be subject to his compliance with certain standards and students satisfaction with its quality, because it forces the universities to constantly monitor the market of educational services and to improve their quality in the conditions of tough competition.

Ideally, the need to pay for their education should contribute to a more conscious choice of profession, in reality, first, man is not always rational. Second, higher education is not always in order then to work in this profession. The awareness and correctness of choice of profession is a question increasingly associated with the system of vocational guidance, which is less developed than the paid/free higher education.

The economic behavior of man in the choice of goods and services is irrational and influenced by a number of factors: advertising, fashion, stereotypes, fear of risk, lack of logic judgment, and so on. Also, we should not forget that higher education is obtained not only yesterday’s schoolboys, but also adults, and also people of the so called third age, and their proportion among students of higher educational institutions will increase. In this category, students will meet educational and even entertaining a motive of getting higher education along with the motive of acquiring a new profession.

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The West is more developed civic engagement, it is not surprising that breaking out of the student riots in defense of the rights of young people, including young people defend and the right to study on a budgetary basis. We have now is hardly possible.

The student movement arose long ago and was associated not only with the violation of the interests of the students, but also with socio political problems, young people have always longed for change in the community and were moved by idealistic aspirations. The higher the number of young people in society, the more it is shaken by riots. Government action should be aimed at prevention of such conflicts and their resolution, but still it shouldn’t go on about the crowd.

Should community colleges be free?

The opportunity to receive an education should be available to all, but the right selection of development tools, otherwise creates a situation where we at the University are teaching those who place in College, and level of teaching forcedly reduced to the capabilities of the audience. Higher education itself is good, but for societies of different type different desired percentage of the population with higher education. If we build a society of thinking people with a high-tech economy is one thing, if we need a lot of hands is another. In this regard, convinced that the important task is to work on secondary special education and the rise of the prestige of these educational institutions.

There’s an old joke: if you have something you got on the Internet and not paid for it, make no mistake you are a consumer, you’re the product. Education acts the same logic. Like Guinea pigs, which has nothing to do with the sea or with pigs, a model of “education as a public good” has nothing to do with society, nor with good. Why?

After another discussion of field materials, he said: you have to form the same story as we do with housing. Do you know why we collapsed? Because the American economy is an economy of fetishism. And the main fetish in her little house with a lawn in a comfortable suburb. Due to the mythology of the great American dream, the demand for such houses always outstrips supply: its symbolic value is not tied to economic value. After all, if you have a house, you’re not a loser, you’re middle class, you communicate with the right people and work on the right work. Incurring a mortgage on a quarter of a century, people didn’t invest in their future, they invested in the esteem and respect of his neighbors.

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Should college tuition be free

The cost of training one student in this (field schools, trainings, internships and a British diploma) about half a million rubles a year. Those who study for money, pay about half that amount. The rest well most of them do not pay anything. But expenditure on education is still above any income from it. How such a system can exist? Very simple, University help with research, consulting, expertise and other external projects. Earned on the research he puts into education.

Because the main body of the researchers are recent graduates, already “adapted” to the market, able to work with literature, to cheat a huge amount of data, good writing and speaking. Three or four such graduate allow the University to cover training of ten undergraduates. Therefore, one of the master’s program can afford to collect 25 people and produce five or six (study tense to read and write have very much reach the finish line, of course, not all). Operation? No doubt. The best graduates are admitted on academic and expert market, make a name for yourself, become part of the club. And the club thanks them continues to live.

In a situation of higher education should be free, good universities have become the primary stewards of human and social capital, receiving from him an annuity, and bad function as inefficient state corporations. And it is they not the students have benefited most from the current rules of the game. Because a truly stellar graduate who was lucky enough to find a place in life thanks to his University, we have several thousand of those who, as our colleagues psychologists, just comfortably lived another life stage. The student cannot say to the University: I, the consumer, the consumer is always right. Because he is not a consumer, he is a novice player can put on the field, and may not exhibit.