Argumentative essay: Gun control

Today in the United States murders with a firearm are the second cause of death among young people under the age of 19 years and the first cause among black youth. Every day from firearms killed 13 children. Therefore, the reduction in the number of crimes committed with the use of this weapon, is one of the urgent problems of the United States. So, should more gun control laws be enacted?

Stricter gun laws pros and cons

The more people have guns, the higher the crime rate. Gun ownership increases the risk of being killed. Removing firearms from the hands of criminals prevents serious crimes.

Removing weapons from the hands of criminals – a tempting target and attractive propaganda slogan. But no one knows how even to approach this goal. For example, the latest initiative of law enforcement bodies of some States who have decided to pay money for each unit surrendered to the police illegal weapons, failed miserably. First, it was delivered ridiculously small arms and, second, the delivered weapons were not usable.

Severe restrictions or even a ban on the possession of arms is not reflected on the possibility of illegal access. By the way, in this case, the checks of those who gets not required.

Pro gun control speech

The results show that States that have stricter restrictions on the acquisition of weapons and their carry concealed, the crime rate is higher. It was also found that prohibitions on the possession of assault rifles is virtually no impact on crime rates.

The results of the research Brand of Gaius are consistent with a similar study by John Lott and David Mustard from the University of Chicago (1977).

Washington, DC, is famous for its very stringent rules on acquisition of weapons. The city leads in the number of refusals for applications to purchase pistols and rifles. Supporters of strict measures for the purchase of weapons give Washington as an example of the correctness of their policies. But they are silent on how these brutal rule affected the change in the level of crime.

In the annual for 2014 report of the organization Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence provides examples of how anyone in new Jersey can purchase for a few minutes the guns on the black market. This man doesn’t need to fill out a mountain of paperwork and wait several months for their checks. Many of buying guns on the black market, don’t even know about the existence of the limitations existing in the state.

How gun control kills

How they work, or rather don’t work stricter rules for obtaining a license for possession of arms, clearly visible in such “illustrious” crime centers like new York and Chicago.

In new York, was about 70 thousand units of firearms. According to the police in the hands of people with no less than 750 thousand pistols and rifles. Thus, more than 90% of the weapons purchased illegally. So why do we need strict rules?

In Chicago, a law was passed for compulsory registration of firearms. Checked only those who had it legally. The same picture is observed in new Jersey.

Mandatory gun registration is a completely meaningless act. After all, when buying weapons does the registration of the buyer and acquired weapons. What to expect the authors of these laws? That after its adoption the people illegally owning weapons, run to the nearest police station to register it. In my opinion, the authors of such laws are in captivity blatant naivety or stupidity is boundless.

Among liberals, one of the most popular ways of dealing with crime is the announcement of territories of schools and public places (restaurants, cinemas, etc.) zones, free from weapons. In such areas no one has the right to bear arms, and especially apply it. And since there are no weapons, there will be no crimes.

This naive idea liberals facilitates attempts to commit crimes. Declaring certain areas free zones, liberals openly inform offenders about where they can feel safe. In the free zones unarmed people will not be able to resist the armed criminals.

To fight off the slightest desire of the perpetrator to attack the school, in front of the entrance on its territory is often ads appear, such as before school Argyle ISD in Texas: “Please keep in mind that the school staff is armed and may use all necessary means to protect our students.”

In conclusion, this essay about gun control do not cover all topic. An effective measure to reduce the level of crime is a permit to carry concealed weapons outside the home to those who are entitled to its possession.