Argumentative Essay: Police Brutality

Recent events in Missouri, in Ferguson raised important issues related to such a problem as abuse of authority by police officers of the United States. On the eve of the tragic events in Ferguson, a Grand jury consisting of 12 jurors completely acquitted the police officer who shot almost in an emphasis of African-American Michael brown. This decision led to a wave of protests and demonstrations, which later escalated into serious clashes with the police, and later with the National Guard of the United States. The case against the police officer collapsed because the Prosecutor proved that Michael brown did not obey police officer Darren Wilson and threatened his life.

Example of police brutality

“At this moment his face was written a searing aggression. I can only describe you as: he was like a demon, so angry he looked,” said Darren Wilson. Also, the officer said that Michael brown punched him and tried to take away his service weapon. All of these readings, coupled with the fact that Darren Wilson for the first time service used the weapon against the person led to acquittal the verdict. But do not forget that Michael brown was only 18 years old and he was not armed.

It should be added that similar cases of use of weapons by police against the citizens of the United States is not isolated cases, they happen quite often. At the same time, similar cases with blacks that are killed by the guards occurs at times more often. It is worth noting that according to American law, the behavior of the police is fully justified because peace officers may use weapons if the suspect is a threat to him or US citizens, and even if the suspect tries to escape, the police have the right to stop him in any way. And this applies not only to an armed suspect, but, as in the case of Michael Brown, all unarmed suspect.

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American experiences order did not hesitate to resort to the use of a service weapon and not trying to start negotiations with the suspect, but almost immediately decide to shoot to kill. This is the mindset of the servants of order often leads to numerous cases where weapons were used quite unnecessarily.

In 2013 there was an incident in Santa Rosa, when the police opened fire on a thirteen year old teenager, finding his toy plastic AK-47 for a real one. The guards did not confuse neither the age of the “suspect” nor the fact that he easily coped with the “real” machine. This year in November in Cleveland, Ohio, 12-year-old boy was shot and killed, and this time for a toy gun. (And this is against the backdrop of events in Ferguson in August and November of this year!) This police officer probably also not face charges if they can prove that he provoked the servants of the procedure or did not obey the orders.

Racially motivated police brutality

Another case rocks the American public occurred in 2012. Then 8 police officers fired a total of 46 bullets at a mentally ill African-American, justifying their actions by saying that he was a threat. In all the aforementioned cases of outright abuse of power by American law enforcement, namely U.S. citizens of African-American origin came under attack. And each time, prosecutors began the trial, that said that race didn’t matter and all comes down to the failure to comply with orders “honorable” police officers.

Use of force by police in the United States is also the phenomenon known to many and as in the case of firearms, the guards are never responsible for their actions. The first and probably the most famous case in America associated with the use of force by police officers occurred in 1992 in Los Angeles, when the world saw a video where 5 cops beat unarmed African-American clubs. This case became known that all five of the police were fully justified. And then began mass protests that turned into riots lasted for 3 days and claimed the lives of 53 people. There is no only one example of police brutality on minorities.

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This prompted the authorities to begin to act and as a result, 4 of 5 were prosecuted, and the police Department of Los Angeles has experienced a series of reforms. Later, after the officer in plain clothes shot and killed Amadou Diallo in the Bronx, new York, all police Department street crimes have become required wearing a uniform. After another murder, this time trying to escape Timothy Thomas in Cincinnati, Ohio, the police have introduced special courses on the use of non-lethal weapons such as Taser (Taser) on all the machines supplied DVRs, began to discuss with residents areas, urgent problems, etc. And like all problems are de facto had exhausted itself.

However, the main problem remained unresolved, namely, police officers are very difficult to prosecute and in fact they are not accountable to anyone except his superiors. The police unions have a huge impact and if a COP was fired for abuse of power, or for any other reason, he can through the Union to get another police station.

In this issue the important role played by the receipt of a police pension after the service, so if the guard will get fired before retirement age, he is unlikely to find a decent job comparable to the one he lost. So the police, for the most part, facing each other. Another factor for this permissiveness in the police, according to the Dean of the law faculty of the law school of the University of California Erwin Chemerinsky, is the doctrine of the Supreme court of the United States, which opposes the prosecution of the officials responsible.

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Unjustified cruelty police officers have repeatedly encouraged the public to action, and the events in Ferguson are a clear proof. But though the representatives of the Republican party and the democratic party declare their intention to reform the US police and to amend the law, in fact they humbly accept what the police are doing only what they are allowed by the state.

The government gave them the full right to detain the criminals at any cost and using any means. And, according to the police, such cases as the Ferguson unit, and means limiting the powers of the police, the state would jeopardize public safety. Similar incidents will continue and no action, and protests will not be able to change the basis of the American system. The police will always be the main instrument of domestic policy of the United States of America. Also, you can find more info in other essays on police brutality all over the Internet.