Business School Degree Program Formats

Once you have decided to attend one of the best business schools in order to pursue an undergraduate business degree, you must decide what kind of program you will enroll in. The choice will most likely depend on your schedule, your finances, and which good business school you most want to attend. The following are some of the most common program formats that are offered in business schools:

Full-time programs – Full-time programs usually consist of students that are taking at least three classes per semester, which is nine credit hours. However, a majority of students in full-time programs enroll in five classes each semester, which is generally 15 credit hours. Some students take even more classes, but only if they’re sure they can manage the class load.

Part-time programs – Part-time programs are generally made up of students who are taking fewer than three courses each semester. Students most often enroll in a part-time program when they only have a few courses left to take before completing their degree or if they have a job or other obligation to attend to.

Dual-degree programs – Dual-degree programs are offered by some business schools to students who want to pursue two degrees at once. They can major in two separate areas of business and receive a degree in both upon completion of the program. These programs often take longer than a traditional one-degree program, but take less time than earning two degrees at different times.

Online or distance programs – Online programs are offered by schools that operate solely online as well as by some business schools with physical locations. Online programs can also be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. Some can be completed completely online, which is a good option for distance students, but some also have requirements for students to enter a classroom at some point in the program.

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Hybrid programs – Hybrid programs consist of both classroom and online learning. Introductory courses taken at the beginning of a degree program are typically offered online, while core classes and those specific to a student’s chosen program of study are offered in a classroom to provide for better instruction by the professor and the chance to work with other students enrolled in the course and the major.

Joint programs – Joint programs are programs that have been created as a result of partnership between two of the best business colleges. These collaborative programs allow students to benefit from the strengths of both schools. Joint programs are often offered by a school in the U.S. and a school abroad to allow for even more unique and worldly opportunities.