Cash in on your Aptitude

With the growing cut-throat competition in the professional world, it’s time to know your interest and aptitude and opt for alternative ways of not just getting a degree but a job too.

Plenty of courses available in private institutes meet the demands of industries like hospitality, fashion, travel and tourism, aviation among many others thus making it easy for you to aspire for a successful professional life.

Radio Jockey

A radio jockey is someone who gets paid for playing his favorite tunes. The opening up of the airwaves to the private sector saw the surge in radio programs and consequently the need for professional and well-trained Radio Jockeys (RJs).

This is one profession where you may not be known by your name or face but by your voice. Some of such voices have today become household names including those of Amin Sayani, Shamshir, Karan, Nitin, Dev, Rajeev Tyagi, Hardeep Chandpuri, to name a few. All these are popular RJs and their profession is called radio jockeying.

There is no age limit or qualification to enter this profession. Some private radio stations take 10+2 students. An RJ should have a good voice, diction, flare and fluency. Pronunciation must be accurate.

One should also have presence of mind, general awareness and be willing to learn and grasp rules of the entertainment industry.

Since the field is up coming, not many training institutions have come up in radio jockeying. Though there are a number of institutes that offer courses in communication and broadcasting varying from two-month certificate course to one-year postgraduate program.

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Besides, there are a host of crash courses in voiceovers or mixing run by professionals in the field. AIR offers a two-month in-house training course to its RJs. Besides, AIR Chandigarh has been conducting a week-long ‘Vaani Certificate’ course to train its presenters.

Initially, an RJ can earn between RS 7,000 to RS 15,000 per month, which becomes better with few years of experience. Besides, one can do voiceovers, advertisement jingles for radio, television channels and corporate houses.