Cause and Effect Essay: Child Abuse

Abuse of children is not only beating, wounding, sexual harassment and other ways that adults maimed child. This humiliation, bullying, different forms of neglect that wound a child’s soul. We strongly recommend to read our short essay on child abuse to avoid problems.

The neglect may be that the parents did not provide the child the necessary amount of food, clothing, sleep, hygiene care. In addition, the neglect manifested in the lack of parental respect, attention, affection, warmth.

Ill-treatment of children (juvenile citizens from birth to 18 years) includes any form of ill-treatment, permitted by the parents (other family members), guardians, caregivers, teachers, educators, representatives of law enforcement.

Child abuse examples

Physical violence deliberate infliction of physical damage.

Sexual violence (or corruption of) – involving a child with his consent and without in sexual acts with adults for the purpose of receiving the latter of the satisfaction or benefit.

Mental (emotional) abuse – periodic, long-term or permanent mental effects on the child, hindering the development of personality and leads to the formation of pathological character traits.

Four speeches on child abuse for wise parents

The child needs not only love, this is not enough. We have to respect and see him as a person. Do not forget also about the fact that education the process is long-running, instant results should not wait. If the kid doesn’t meet your expectations, do not boil. Calmly think about what you can do to make the situation has changed over time. Below we write advices based on research paper on child abuse for parents who haves children

  1. Do not try to make the child the very

It doesn’t happen to people equally well all knew and could. Even the adults and the wise are not capable of. Never say: “Here 4 years reading, are you?!” or “I in your years on the bar 20 times push-ups, and you the mattress is a mattress”. But your Bob glues paper boats, “cuts” in the computer. Certainly there is at least one case with which he copes better than others. So praise him for what he knows and can do, and never scold for what others can!

  1. Don’t compare out loud the child with other children

Think of the story about the success of other people’s children just as information. After all, you own the message that the President of Uganda (your age, by the way) awarded another order, not overwhelmed with shame and resentment? If the conversation is about, “entrance of the unmatched plays the violin” occurs in the presence of your child, and in response have nothing to boast better still say something.

  1. Stop blackmail

Permanently eliminate from your vocabulary the phrase, “I tried, and you”, “I raised you, and you”. This, dear parents, in the language of the Criminal code called blackmail. The most unhappy of all the attempts to shame. And the most ineffective. On a similar phrase 99% of the children say, “I love you bear me, do not ask!”

  1. Avoid witnesses

If indeed there is a situation, plunging you into the paint (baby got nasty with the old man threw a tantrum in the store), you need to firmly and decisively to get him away from the scene. Self-esteem is not limited to adults, so it’s important that the conversation took place without witnesses. Then calmly explain why you cannot do it. Here baby call for shame is appropriate.

Of course, that is only the one research. But if you care about topic you can go through other papers on child abuse on the Internet. Do not forget that everything should be the measure.

The ways to access a child your love

Don’t aim for his masterful performance in the maternal role. In communicating with the child there can not be prohibited emotions, but on one condition: he must not doubt the unconditionality of your love. The baby needs to feel your discontent, frustration or anger caused by his act, not his own. Your child can not be bad, because he’s a kid and because he is your.

Three ways to open a child your love:

The word

Name your baby pet names, invent homemade nicknames, tell tales, sing a lullaby, and let your voice the tenderness, gentleness and only gentleness.


Sometimes it is enough to take the child by the hand, stroke their hair, kiss, so he stopped crying and cranky. And because as much Pat of your child, paying no attention to the advice of experienced parents. Psychologists came to the conclusion that physical contact with the mother stimulates physiological and emotional development of the child. Psychologists say, it is impossible.


Do not talk to the child, standing with my back to him or sideways, not shout from the next room. Walk up, look him in the eye and tell me what you want. Also, that is topic need for more research questions on child abuse to be solved.