Cheap healthy meals for college students

Lunch ideas for college students

Eggplant fried in batter

Eggplant fried in batter – this is a great opportunity to quickly and easily make lunch, side dish to meat or fish dishes, ingredient for salads, or a delicious snack.

Cutlets from zucchini

Recipe of cutlets from zucchini to help each owner, which of these zucchini are a dime a dozen. Juicy, thanks to the zucchini, but spicy and flavorful thanks to the fennel and garlic, chicken is a great dish for dinner.

Baked tomatoes

Instead of the usual vegetable slicing serve baked tomatoes is a great side dish and appetizer. They are prepared with thyme and Basil. Recipe baked tomatoes I bought from Sunny Italy.

Scrambled eggs with asparagus

Scrambled eggs with asparagus – a great Breakfast. Asparagus contains minerals and vitamins, and eggs will give you energy for the whole day. Tell and show how to make an omelet with asparagus!

Pilaf in a hurry

Pilaf hastily hereby will not name, but it is also a pilaf on the composition of the ingredients. And the taste is, in General, very close. Recipe pilaf in a hurry helps when there’s no time.

Soup in a hurry

Yeah, don’t be surprised, it is possible – indeed, soup can be cooked in haste. And very tasty the soup turns out, believe me!

Fried pies in a hurry

Delicious homemade pies are made very quickly. Recipe for very busy or for those who like to eat but lazy to cook.

Peasant soup in a hurry

Delicious and easy soup, very inexpensive and prepared quickly. Peasant – because there was no meat and lots of vegetables. Prepare peasant soup in a hurry!

Fast meals for college students

Buns in a hurry

Quick, fragrant and delicious buns for tea. Fill your home with the smell of cinnamon, the coziness and calmness. Recipe buns whip up a very simple and clear – so that everyone will understand.

Meat pie from scratch

Delicious and rich cake will be enjoyed by all, especially men. And most importantly, preparing this meat pie from scratch – you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort into its preparation.

Chops in a hurry

Juicy and tender chicken dinner for half an hour. Virtually no effort and tasty dish on the table. Tell how to make cutlets in a hurry!

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Hodgepodge in a hurry

A delicious and hearty soup is especially good in winter when you need a lot of calories. And this soup goes well after a big party. Give the recipe of the soup in a hurry!

Cheese cake in haste

Guests at the door or in the mood for something tasty and unusual? Prepare a delicious and hearty cheesecake in haste. It’s easy.

Cheese cakes in a hurry

These pancakes is perfect for a quick Breakfast or for finicky kids who don’t like to eat cheese. Hot and fragrant cheese cakes in a hurry to eat everything!

Climbing in haste

When cooking time quite a bit, and I want to cook something non-traditional cook lasagna whip up this recipe. Unusual, tasty and fast!

Pilaf with ground beef

Of course, this recipe cannot be considered “classic”, but the pilaf with meat that doesn’t make it less tasty. The main thing is to cook it! Read the recipe of the pilaf with ground beef with step by step photos!

Pilaf with stewed meat

Well, of course, “risotto” it proudly said, but the dish still turned out tasty. A simple recipe pilaf with stewed meat – for those who longs for romance tours and overnight stays under the open sky.

Salad with garlic and chicken

This delicious and hearty salad is in fact not so much “weight” calories here though, but not too much. So a simple salad recipe with garlic and chicken should be of interest to all who are watching their figure!

Quick pancakes

Tell you how to cook the pancakes. Step-by-step photos will help you to understand the cooking this fabulous Breakfast even for a beginner. Read and cook.

Cheese cakes in a hurry

Cheese scones whip up a delicious and hearty addition to tea. Cook them, and your Breakfast will be much brighter and happier Fortunately they are prepared very simply and quickly.

College meal ideas

Mashed cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower is a bit spicy, then add some garlic. Will go perfectly as a side dish to every hot meal, like meat and fish.

Beets with pickled cucumber

Beet salad and pickle – the perfect complement to your main dish. It is also possible to cook as a separate meal and eat with black bread.

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Pizza A Minute

Pizza “Minute” is a great dish for bachelors, students and lazy pizzas are Prepared “a Minute” literally in a jiffy, but the taste hardly distinguish from ordinary pizza. The simplest recipe.

Fast pizza

Quick pizza recipe for those who love pizza but are too lazy to cook it all the rules of Italian cuisine. Simplify the recipe to outrageous, but still get delicious and yummy pizza

Pizza in the pan

Tasty, juicy pizza in a pan in 10 minutes – a perfect dish for lunch or dinner in a hurry. Simple recipe for pizza in a pan is especially good for beginners.

Sausage pizza

The recipe of pizza with sausage. Pizza turns out quite rich and very tasty.

Pizza with tomatoes and sausage

Recipes cooking pizza is a huge variety. Pizza with added tomatoes gets a special sour taste, due to the special flavor of the tomatoes.

Pizza Favorite

Pizza “Favorite” – it’s very impressive, honey and delicious pizza that is well suited for a romantic dinner (for example, in honor of February 14 – Valentine’s day). And beautiful, and very tasty.

Sausages in the microwave

Cook sausage just. But if a little to complicate this commonplace process to cook sausages in the microwave? Let’s try. The recipe for those occasions when the hand – just a microwave.

Sausage rolls in the oven

Sausage rolls in the oven I bought in the school canteen, and indeed before the hot dog could be bought on every corner. For children it was a real treat. Make them in the oven!

Stewed cabbage with sausage

Stewed cabbage with sausages – a very simple dish, but in the German style. If lying around in the fridge sausage and cabbage – take a recipe and feed the family a delicious dish!

The pasta in the oven

The pasta in the oven – a delicious recipe with lots of cheese. But the dish is not vegetarian, as we use pork rinds. The pasta in the oven turn out hearty, beautiful and delicious.

Pasta with meat

How to cook pasta with meat tasty and aesthetically pleasing – this will tell you step-by-step recipe with photos. The pasta will cook with mince in a tomato sauce. Yum!

Pasta with mushrooms

A classic recipe of pasta with mushrooms maybe it does not exist, every woman prepares this dish on its own. I want to tell you like pasta with mushrooms I cook!

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Fried pasta

Fried pasta is a delicious culinary stuff, which is quite easy and requires no effort. Fried pasta is for pasta lovers who want to try something new!

Rice and beans

Rice and beans – a dish that can be prepared in minutes. Besides, it was rich and delicious. Great for dinner in working days. You can cook it with “yesterday’s” rice.

Meatballs with peppers

Meatballs with bell peppers you can cook for the whole family for a few days. Soft and chewy with a fragrant paprika and potato

Fried potatoes with garlic

Life situations lead to a dead end when you don’t know what I want – love or fried potatoes Love – it is capricious, it may have to wait, but the potatoes to fry you in half an hour!

Healthy grocery list for college students

For the vast majority of meals you only need:

  • Large can of corn;
  • A head of fresh cabbage;
  • 2 cucumbers;
  • Large green Apple;
  • Herbs, salt;
  • Sour cream or light mayonnaise.
  • Fresh cabbage;
  • Small cucumber;
  • Jar of corn;
  • Greens;
  • 200 grams of sausage and even boiled, even smoked;
  • Mayonnaise

Pancakes with apples

Sometimes in the afternoon or Saturday-Sunday brunch wants something sweet, dough, and so good to eat. This dish for me are the pancakes. Especially pancakes with caramel apples.

Chops with tomatoes

Chops with tomatoes

Your attention – a classic recipe of chops with tomatoes. Chops to be tender, rich and juicy, thanks to the tomatoes. Never scorch. Great recipe!

Tomatoes with egg and cheese

Recipe of tomato with egg and cheese will come in handy if you are looking for economical and easy appetizer for the holiday table. The minimum efforts and ingredients and very tasty a tasty snack ready.

Sausages in the microwave

Sausages in the microwave – prepared elementary thing to deal with which is able. A great option for lightning fast cooking a full meal.

Chicken slices in batter

Crispy chicken fingers will please everyone from young to old. This dish is perfect for a family dinner or friendly get-togethers around the TV. To match your favorite sauce.