Checking a dissertation for plagiarism

Each applicant for a scientific degree should know that only the dissertation that is qualitative and unique can be successfully defended. According to the new rules in force, checking a dissertation for plagiarism is a mandatory requirement. According to the results of such verification carried out using special software, representatives of the higher certification commission will make appropriate decisions.

If a significant number of coincidences with other published materials are found in the text of the dissertation, it means that such a dissertation will certainly be passed on for further consideration to experts. Experts will confirm or, conversely, refute the fact of plagiarism.

What is commonly considered plagiarism in a dissertation

In order to avoid any problems when defending a dissertation due to its low uniqueness, it is necessary to understand what exactly is considered plagiarism in a dissertation.

In simple and accessible language, plagiarism in a dissertation, just like in any other materials, is a borrowing of rather large fragments of text from other sources without changes or with completely minor changes. As you know, in the educational and scientific field, such an approach to the preparation of dissertations is absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, when you are preparing for responsible defense, the text of the dissertation must be checked.

How and where to check a dissertation for plagiarism

Today, there is a fairly wide selection of special programs and Internet services in which plagiarism can be checked for a dissertation.

Using these services, it is easy to determine the exact percentage of the uniqueness of your work, and if this indicator is not high enough, fix certain fragments of the text.

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Specialized Programs

As a rule, the choice of software or virtual service, in which the dissertation will be checked for plagiarism, occurs at the stage of selecting a supervisor. It is with this person that the use of a certain verification system is discussed. It should be noted that in most cases, in domestic higher education institutions, a special system, called the University’s Anti-Plagiarism, is preferred. Its main feature is that it works with an impressive amount of various resources, and this amount is regularly increasing.

It is important for applicants of scientific degrees to remember how the dissertation is checked for plagiarism directly by the representatives of the higher certification commission. For these purposes, they use their own HAC anti-plagiarism software. Its peculiarity is the possibility of the most detailed comparison of sentences among themselves, including cases, declensions, times.

A good result is an originality indicator from 90 to 99%. To achieve this result, it is recommended to check the dissertation several times using various systems. Much attention should be paid when making citations in your work – they must be surrounded by quotation marks, and also, for greater reliability, make special footnotes in square brackets.