College Powerpoint Hints

Notes this application to the slide. They do not appear on the slide, and are shown separately. Every college ppt presentations slide is associated a separate page of notes.

How to print PowerPoint with notes on side

In normal mode notes hidden at the bottom of the screen in a separate panel notes. To work with notes in normal mode, you must first expand the panel notes.

In PowerPoint there is also a special mode for notes mode notes Fig. 5.1. To enter this mode, go to View => Page notes. At the top of each page of notes is a reduced copy of the slide.

Of course, for comfortable work in the notes mode, you must zoom in.

Unfortunately, to switch to notes mode, you will not be able to use the keyboard shortcuts. In previous versions of PowerPoint in the lower left corner of the program window was located, along with the buttons the other modes, and the mode button notes. But for some inexplicable reason in the last version the button is gone from the screen, So the only way to go to memo mode use the video page of notes.

How to take notes on PowerPoint

Add PowerPoint notes to a slide. To add notes to a slide, follow these steps.

  1. While in normal mode, navigate to the slide for which you want to create notes.
  2. Click on the border of the notes pane and drag it so that appeared on the screen the text notes.
  3. Click in the field labeled Notes to a slide.
  4. Enter text. The entered text will be located in the field notes. Creating them, you can use the standard functions for working with text, supported by PowerPoint with notes, for example copy, cut, paste. To create a new paragraph, use <Enter>.

Powerpoint guidelines

  1. Come up with a plan (script) of your presentation.
  2. It is very important how, not what, – remembered only the impression, not words and numbers.
  3. Use emotionally positively stained images (photos) related to your activity visualize what you want to convey. If information is nicely decorated, the information to take much easier and more pleasant.
  4. Charts and graphs a good example lead, Director of Mercator:

Good infographics depict the figures, she represents the Idea. Here is a simple PowerPoint examples for college students.

The idea of the movie: 91th year of the was one of the largest importers of grain, and after 91 has become one of the largest exporters.

The designer has consistently depicted two graphs: the import of grain to the for years, and the second chart export from (after 91). Not to be bored, one graph he showed the columns and the second line. It was a totally different slides.

Powerpoint tips for students

What is the trouble? That this rendering completely killed the Idea. Turned out just two graphs that visually in any way among themselves not because the decision here lies on the surface only need to combine them.

How to make an effective PowerPoint? Why the designer did not? Because he was thinking about beauty and diversity, not about how to convey the Idea.

  1. Select neutral, the one, but the background slides in your presentation.
  2. Permanent style slides throughout the presentation, you must use a constant style, color, 1-2 font, animations, slides and company logo, for example in the upper right corner or the footer a “salad” complicates the perception.
  3. Each slide should have a title non-standard, shaped and short (ideally 1 line), because it begins the acquaintance with the information on the slide. Avoid boring, overused names, invent interesting and motivating (can be in the form of questions).
  4. The recommended font size of 28 PT. To 48 (in PowerPoint).
  5. Do not write too much text. “War and peace” no one will read!
  6. Use “cutaways” – screensaver (for example, solid background with the company logo and section name) before each new logical partition to include (“Assembly”) attention.
  7. Help the audience to digest your information – draw conclusions in the page footer or on a separate slide.
  8. Adapt the content for the target audience (customers, potential customers, partners).
  9. A little humor never hurts. One should not treat themselves very seriously.
  10. Consider the ending. It is best to remember the beginning and the end of the presentation.
  11. Swipe to “test drive” presentation to colleagues or friends and incorporate comments. It is a good idea to postpone the presentation for a while and then return to her to look at it with fresh eyes.