Throughout this paper, we have to make connections between theory and practice through research. Having analysed adverbs in literary sources we can barely find that there is a tendency towards more frequent usage of derived adverbs than others. Various types of adverbs found in the novel “White Fang” are used in the Modern English language.

The result of the investigation testifies to the fact that adverbs created due to the derivation are widely used in the English language. The most productive suffix is –ly. We found many examples of such a type in the novel.

As adverbs can be classified from different point of view approximately all types of adverbs happen to meet in the book.

Adverbs can perform different functions in the sentence. Traditionally, adverbs are regarded as qualifying verbs and adjectives. The examples analysed in the novel demonstrate that adverbs are mostly used as adverbial modifier.

Parentheticals and evaluatives have a dis­tinct illocutionary status that sets them apart from ordinary constituents. Most existing descriptions of parenthetical expressions hypothesize a strict correlation between the special illocutionary status of parentheticals and a special prosodic status. There are many adverbs which are in the status of parentheticals and they are also used in the novel “White Fang”.

We may say that the English language is really rich of adverbs and a well-developed system of adverbs is great advantage in a language.

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