Daily running of Nursing care

Most nurseries open their business from 06.00 to 06.00 units and watch the clock. Not all service centers to serve breakfast to children who leave early, but you can choose breakfast, costs about $ 8 are available for up to $ 12 a week at the top of your usual account. You can save on food costs if you buy wholesale. This is not really a big burden, taking into account the additional revenue from the fact that you have a cook and kitchen anyway, because they are served for lunch. Not all states require childcare available in the morning and afternoon snacks to make, although some care anyway. Cookies, fresh fruit and juices that his best option to serve for a snack.

Lunch usually means a hot lunch for children. So you need to cook a normal, planned menus, kitchen, food supplies, you could buy in bulk to save money, just some tables and chairs for children and, if necessary, kitchen, dishwasher duties.

All these are fixed costs, low follow. Great expense that would mean more children to get their money back and win. However, more children were represented in his nursery to expand and offer more space.

It should be a routine management of their nurseries. Most nurseries distribution of days in periods of one hour and follow the same routine as public schools. Start your day with a normal season, when children enter and finish at 09.00 clock. You have to give toys, a TV big enough to see all children, and perhaps the litter boxes. From 9 am, it is possible that children separated by age and reading or listening to a story and the clock 10. May offer a snack later. Younger children might enjoy a nap in the morning. After lunch, may have a learning session for all children. You can invite to speak or learn how to talk to them about topics of interest to typical children.

Lunch is usually between 12 to watch, is 13.00 hours, followed by a phase of learning – the three R’s of reading writing might include “arithmetic. If you are not qualified for this learning to take care session you can hire students, unemployed people with teaching certificates or retired teachers. Remember that your goal is to give children a burning desire to learn and explore the world around them. Instead of just in the room can plan own learning out of the session. You may be the neighborhood, walk or go to the nearby zoo, police, fire and watch TV or radio station in your community. Some day care that movies are very good children of nature. Might as well to include this in their units. Young children will enjoy a nap in that time while the children more ‘big can enjoy reading books and toys. After this period you can allow some time until their parents pick them up.