Dorm Life and the Importance of Sleep

When I was in college, I ended up rooming with a dude who was finishing out his senior year. He knew all the tricks and all the hot little tips to surviving college. Through what I can only imagine was a combination of imagination, innovation and internet research (hey, don’t knock it – you’re reading this) he would tell me all sorts of useful gems. My favorite came one night when I was waiting for the modem I ordered it to arrive.

I had told him about this brutal, 8-in-the-morning snooze fest of a class and how I always had trouble waking up in time. His advice to me: stay up.

His philosophy was to stay up the night prior to these morning classes and just play video games or browse the internet until 7:30 rolled around. He believed that by already being awake, there would be less hassle in the morning ritual and I could just leave for my morning course.

Needless to say, his plan didn’t work and I don’t recommend it to anyone just starting their college career. In fact, I would recommend the opposite. When you’re up all night studying or pulling graveyard shifts in the art studio – take a break. Shut your eyes and get some sleep. School is hard enough, without the exhaustion.

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