Essay: School dress code

Why do we need school uniforms? Research papers will clarify that. The debate about positive and negative aspects of uniformity in the clothes of schoolchildren in our country is just beginning, whereas in Europe and America they have been going on for decades. On this subject, written thousands of articles and conducted hundreds of scientific research. Summarized, the main of them, so you can form your own opinion.

School uniform. Essay introduction

In 1998, a scientific study was conducted which showed that students from schools that have established form, learn a little better than those whose schools are allowed to go to anything. Experts believe: the fact that children are not distracted by the discussion of clothing, the form gets them in more serious behavior in school and reduces the amount of time the child spends to decide what to do today for class. And of course, the experts think, spend this saved time to do homework.

Should students have to wear uniforms? Essay is trying to figure it out

Other experts laugh at these arguments and believe that the data about the so-called the performance improvement is so small that it is comparable with the statistical error. Besides, it is impossible to compare grades in two state schools only on the grounds that one typed form, and not in another. Academic performance is influenced by hundreds of factors (first and foremost the quality of teachers), so to understand how it helps the students form, is impossible. And the time saved in not needing to choose what to wear, the child will rather spend on computer games, not lessons, not to mention the fact that the choice of the toilet takes no more than 10-15 minutes a day. In our persuasive essay on school uniform we frequently raise this topic.

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Opponents of the first note of the fact that even the authors of that study admit that the national average (USA) improve behavior among students dressed in identical is quite low, and wealthy parents bought for their offspring tailoring the form of more expensive fabrics. Even the children find other ways to show their exclusivity (expensive backpacks, expensive stationery, etc.) that completely devalues the argument that school uniforms equalizes.

In addition, the form limits so necessary for the adolescent children the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

But most importantly, teachers in schools with mandatory form of spending huge amounts of time to monitor the wearing of this form. All of this translates into minutes and hours of constant comments, quibbles and debates about the length of socks, the right shoes and the degree of shirts that could be spent on something to learn something useful from algebra.

So it turns out that with the increase of time on maintaining discipline reduces the time of direct study. Not to mention the fact that endless debates with teachers about the form (if a child is wearing does not love her) become one more field upon which he tries to resist the system, struggling with it, which ultimately degrades the overall discipline rather than improve it.

As for the sense of community with other students, it is a positive factor turns negative as soon as the child comes out of school: street children from other schools may determine what school he went to, and begin to bully.

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Arguments against school uniforms

Do not agree with many experts who also give reasonable arguments. First, the set of school uniform does not cover all the needs of your child. You will still be buying him regular clothes, and therefore, the school uniform becomes a source of additional cost, i.e. does not reduce the problems of poor families, but rather increases them.

Second, zealous statists, who advocate for school uniforms, forget one small fact: children actually grow.

If form in September, baby in size, and not hanging on this bag, by the middle of the year he will grow out of it and he will need to buy a new set. Not to mention the fact that even children in school uniform, is running around, tearing his pants and put blots on the shirt and it still needs to be changed, and not for anything, but only to the same prescribed form and value.

Finally, if the school is not elite, installed in her form, as a rule, very poor quality and wears out much faster than regular clothes, which means that it again need to change and spend the extra money.

Which is the best thesis statement for an essay on school uniforms?

But the parents of the girls, as, indeed, themselves schoolgirl, much more likely to protest against that argument. First, we live in the XXI century, and the modern active and not wanting anything to keep up with the boys the girl is simply very inconvenient for every day to wear a skirt (most schools do not allow girls to wear pants).

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Secondly, the climate most of the year will not allow any parent, who, in his mind, to send the girl to school in a skirt, when the thermometer minus. And why she must change into school?

The third, and strongest, argument that parents of girls school uniforms has become a part of erotic culture. Girls in the form have become objects of sexual desire. Walk the streets like this at times unsafe. And the last form, no matter how well it was cut (and cut, she is often very bad, let’s be realistic), sits perfectly on the children with one type of shape and horrible on the kids with the other.

It turns out that girls who have been unlucky “fit” for the chosen school type skirts, look ugly and needs to suffer. And in the end, school uniforms, tailored from the best materials, mostly just uncomfortable. Why your beloved child should be 11 years old to walk in uncomfortable clothes?