Example of links in the term paper

At the time of writing the course student is faced with the need to insert into the text many links. They are created in order to provide brief information about the bibliographic source and can be drawn up in two ways. The number of references (footnotes) in the text can be very large, which is especially noticeable in the part of the term paper in which the analysis of the literature is made. When checking the teacher pays special attention to this.

Footnote Types

When making a term paper a student can use two ways to insert a footnote into a text on a specific source. The first is a description of the bibliographic data at the bottom of the page. The second is made out in the text itself and represents square brackets, in which the serial number of the source from the list of references is indicated, as well as the page from which the information was taken. This method is very simple and does not require performing complex actions in a text editor. An example of links in the term paper can be seen when considering other similar texts during the search for information.

To insert a footnote at the bottom of the page, it is necessary in the Word editor:

  • place a cursor at the end of a certain sentence,
  • select the “insert” tab in the text editor menu,
  • find the “link” and “footnote” buttons in the menu,
  • click on “paste”.

In Microsoft Word, the latest versions need to go to the “links” tab and select the “Footnotes” menu – “Insert Footnote”. After that, the footnote number appears at the end of the sentence and at the bottom of the page. To insert a bibliographic link, you must copy the data from the list of references and paste them near the number.

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Each of the links is drawn up in strict accordance with the rules, which differ depending on what type of work was taken as a basis.

An example is:

  • books,
  • unpublished documents
  • electronic resources
  • constituent parts of documents.


To see an example of references in term paper, it suffices to read similar texts available in the access. When using books, references in term paper may also differ depending on the type of source:

  • one-volume edition,
  • multi-volume.

If a one-volume book is taken as a basis, then the author of the work is first written, and then information relating to the title, and a list of other people who had to do with the creation of the book. After that information about translators and editors, as well as about publication is indicated. Next is written the year in which printing was made, and the number of pages.

If the book has two or three authors, then first the last name of the first one is indicated. In the case when their number reaches four, the title will be in the first place, followed by the last name. An example of links in the term paper can be seen in any similar, available in access. If the book does not have an author, then editors are indicated instead.

When referring to multi-volume editions after the title, it is indicated that the publication has several volumes. In this case, after the number indicating the year, the number of the part of the book is written.

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Making links for many students, especially freshmen, can be difficult. To avoid problems with the course, you can order the services of professionals who perform such work as soon as possible.

Unpublished documents

When making references to dissertations in the link are written:

  • author,
  • title,
  • date of protection and approval
  • place of writing,
  • volume

Making a link to the abstract, the student indicates the same data.

Remote Access Electronic Resources

Registration of links to electronic resources is simplified and is an indication of the author and links to the site, enclosed in square brackets. But it is worth remembering that the number of such sources is limited.