Find out what services the University offers and improve your degree marks

It is important to quickly understand what services and resources are available to you on your degree course. Not all resources at university are publicized as well as you would imagine. Do some research early on and make sure you do not miss anything. Some of the services offered by my University included:

Extra tutorials in

  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Report writing
  • Proof reading

Of these the most valuable by far was the proof reading service (offered via the university library).

I do not know how common it is for universities to offer this service, but if your university does offer it, make sure you use it! Proof reading will help you with:

  • Report Structure
  • Referencing
  • Appropriate use of language

If you are using such a service try to:

  • Get every report read, not just your dissertation
  • Take reports at an early stage, before you make too many mistakes
  • Take reports back for a final review
  • Incorporate what you learn into future writing

If you are able to use this service throughout your university degree, by the time you come to write your dissertation the style and standard expected will be second nature to you, and your work will require fewer changes after proof reading. A well written, structured and referenced degree assignment is a sign of quality, effort and time invested. It will encourage a favorable mark, even where no marks are directly awarded for these attributes.

In order for proof reading to be effective you need to complete degree assignments early, allowing time for review, modification and further review.

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