How To Get Into An Elite Business School

One of the biggest sources of stress for students applying to college is trying to get into the top schools. Some students convince themselves they will never get accepted in the best business schools, including Ivy League universities like Harvard. While the admission process to get into these schools is definitely tougher than some other schools, it’s not impossible to get in to the best business colleges. By understanding the admissions process, you’ll have a better chance of getting into an elite business school. The following are some tips to take into consideration when applying.

Know exactly what the school is looking for: Stop and think about what truly makes the business school so successful. Consider what the school’s alumni have gone on to achieve in order to determine what the school expects from its students.

Market yourself: Don’t just focus on individual aspects of your history as a student, like how high your GPA was. You need to think about your application to a good business school as a marketing ploy to help you attract the attention of the admissions department. Show off your academic background as well as your career goals and previous experience in business or other extracurricular activities.

Don’t assume grades are the only important thing: Don’t assume that the best schools for business only accept students with the strongest academic backgrounds. While many accepted students do have excellent grades, that’s not the only thing admissions officers look at. Emphasize any extracurricular activities you were involved in or volunteer work you completed.

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Do research: Many schools publish data about what their current students are like, including what their test scores have been. Looking up this information will also help you determine what the school is looking for and figure out what you should work harder on before applying to the school.

Know what you want in a career: Determining your business career goals and pinpointing what you would like to get out of your future career is a good way to figure out not only what you want to work towards during your time in school, but could also convince the school you’re applying to that you’d be a motivated student. Do make sure that your goals are realistic though.

Obtain good letters of recommendation: Don’t just ask the first person you see to write a recommendation later for you. Find a qualified teacher who will say positive things about you while also tailoring the comments towards the business school you’re applying to and what you plan to study there.

Prepare for your interview: If the school you’ve applied to requests an interview, you’ve definitely made a good impression with your application. Don’t assume you’re already in though – make sure you prepare for your interview and make an excellent impression in person too. Be professional but let your personality shine through too.