GMAT Exam Tips

Taking any examination is always a time of stress and worry. What if you can’t answer any of the questions? What if you ‘freeze’ on the day? What if everyone else looks like they know all the answers and you can not think of a single one?

There are several tips to being prepared for the all important GMAT examination.

  • Practice – Take some problems from past papers and practise these until you can do each one confidently. Pick the easier questions first and complete them thoroughly – no skimming over just because you think they are easy.
  • Work on your weaknesses regularly – If you have a particular area that you know that you are not confident in, work on that first each day. Practice every day until your weakness becomes a strength.
  • Take some practice tests – This will give you confidence so that when the actual test day arrives, you know that you can do it – you have done it before right?
  • Don’t panic – As you approach the exam day it is no good just trying to cram information, it is just as important to continue to work on your strengths so that you are super confident that you will be able to answer the questions that are put before you.
  • Learn topics thoroughly – Regularly take a few problems from each topic that you know will be tested in the GMAT exam and learn how to do these thoroughly.
  • Plan your study – Studies have shown that the amount of time spent doing properly planned study directly influences the results attained.
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For anyone who suffers from exam stress there are ways to help combat those debilitating feelings.

When you walk into the exam room, know that you can do it. As Henry Ford once said, “if you think you can or you think you can’t – you are right” So always tell yourself that you can pass this test and believe it. Positive attitude triumphs over negative attitude every time.

Practice deep breathing. Take some time to practise deep breathing techniques; it can help to calm your mind in times of stress. If you sit down in the exam room and you find yourself panicking, take a few minutes to breath away the stress before you begin, you will amazed at how much this can help focus your mind to the task in hand.

So, you should have no problem at all passing the GMAT examination. Good Luck!