A Good Office Chair Makes All the Difference

If you go to school online, you will inevitably be using the computer all the time. I use the computer for hours a day at work, so I know what this feels like. Whether you go to school at DeVry, AIU, or Florida Tech online, you will eventually need to get a good office chair to work in. A good office chair can make a big difference in the way you feel as you work online, and it could actually make you more productive. You just have to take the time to find the right one for you. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect office chair for your time at the computer.

Moderately Comfortable

You obviously want a chair that is going to be somewhat comfortable, but you don’t want anything that is going to put you to sleep the second you sit in it. I sometimes take naps in my chair if I have been typing for too long, so I do like a little bit of comfort for those times. You have to find a balance between comfort and support until you get a chair that you can work in consistently. Plop your butt in a few options until you find something that you like.


Most office chairs nowadays have adjustable heights, but that is not always the case. I would strongly recommend getting an adjustable chair so you can match it to the height of your desk. I sometimes work at an actual desk and other times I work on a TV tray. With my adjustable office chair, I can move the height up and down whenever I change locations. That way I am always comfortable at the desk, no matter how tall or short it may be.

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I made the mistake of buying a $50 Walmart chair once, and that thing broke just a few months after I purchased it. Had I invested a couple hundred bucks in the chair the first time, I would not have had to replace it less than a year down the road. I would strongly recommend spending money on something that is going to last, especially if you plan to use it every day. This will protect your investment and ensure that you enjoy the use of your office chair in the future.


I always look for office chairs with arms because I rest my arms on them when I type. I don’t like the chairs that are just backs and butts. They don’t support me very well. You have to figure out how much support you need your chair to have, and then you can select something that will work for your usage. If you are a larger person, you may not want that much support because of the way you fit in a chair. Think about the features you really need on your chair before you decide to buy it.

Investing in a good office chair could make a big difference in the success of your education. This seems so silly to think about, but it is true. Think of this like a foundation of sorts, since you will have to use it all the time. You might as well get something that you can learn to live with on a regular basis. Use the tips above to pick out a really nice office chair the next time you go shopping for school supplies. Hopefully they will lead you to the match you have been looking for.