How to organize the duties of children

If we want our children to enjoy at school and are motivated, it is essential to organize their homework at home. We can begin to create a positive attitude toward homework from school since the children are very young. Child psychologist Claudia Quiroz offers us some clues.

Do you have well organized their homework at home? Time, space, extracurricular activities, parental attitude Everything counts.

The hours of sleep

The hours of going to bed is essential, children should sleep at least 8 hours. If you can impair attention, motivation, humor, attitude and behavior of the children.

The study corner

The study site is to be distinguished from the other spaces to predispose a child to study and facilitate concentration. Therefore, it should be a place no TV, no computer, no music, with adequate light, quiet and with minimal distractions. Ideally a table with their notebooks and pens and nothing else.

The schedule for homework

From 5 years of age, you can set up a “homework time” getting up to go home gradually, in which the child comes naturally incorporate as having a space for specific activities (whether painting, reading ) that grows it will become more complex. This is the foundation of future study habits.

Awards and reinforcements

In addition to a homework schedule, it is important to realize them have positive consequences (verbal assessment and expression of positive emotions parents must always be present. But also a time to play with mom or dad, or gained the weekend breakfast with biscuits or anything to suggest the child, whether it is realistic and affordable for parents. never try premise material gifts or excessive exceptions). The aim is to strengthen the effort and the results derived from it.

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They may agree “prizes” year-end, which are given only if the agreements are met, either: summer class windsurfing, or diving, or a new mp3, mobile phone or change, or new watch or a vacation family, etc. The prize must be realistic and not be materialized if the objectives have been achieved. The goal is that the child is hit, to learn to strive, to seek, to combine and use inner and outer unamotivacion for your goals. During the school year and premises reinforcements must not exceed the grand prize.

The snack is part of the preliminary

Before studying and doing homework is suggested to eat something, drink something and after one hour from one activity to another is put to it, begins to feel that another time.

Plan the breaks (the whole family)

Leisure time must also be weekly schedule them to be a factor that promotes motivation. Both of parents with children, both as individual couples, because adults often tend not to disconnect and terminate tired, tense and moody, and that affects the relationship with the children and study.

Define specific time watching television, chat, internet or game console. And define and apply the consequences for breaking those agreements. Parents, keep your words whether you grieve.

Homework does not exempt from other duties

It is important for children to help at home, can not be exempt from having to do homework or study. You have to define simple daily tasks should be made, for example: make your bed, pick up your dirty clothes to the laundry, pick up his books or toys.

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Beware of extracurricular activities

As for extracurricular activities, can be highly recommended, but if too many can cause stress to the children and prevent them rest as needed.

Should be viewed with caution, because if the child is all day at school and then follows with extracurricular activities, possibly get home with the intent to “forget everything” and not wanting to do homework or study.