How to defend a dissertation

How does the dissertation usually go? The student comes with his papers, worries, starts to read his report in a monotonous and quiet manner (so that his knees tremble for fear and do not want to irritate the commission). At this time, teachers sit, drink mineral water, continually discuss their immediate problems and, in general, do not particularly delve into the report. Then comes the time for questions. But since nobody listened to monotonous mumbling, the questions usually concern the general curriculum, not the dissertation itself. As a rule, the student is not ready for this.

I will not teach you how to be brilliant speakers and keep the public for many hours, but based on my experience, I can give some advice on how to make the commission listen to you.

  1. Look

As a rule, answering to the public, we are afraid to look into the eyes. Therefore, the look usually rushes over the heads, which is completely wrong. Commission members relax and treat the student like a radio: you can listen, but you cannot. But when the speaker calmly looks into his eyes, it makes you strain and start working. In addition, the student can catch a glimpse of the reaction to the words and adjust, if necessary, his speech.

  1. Intonation

Monotonous speech puts the listener to sleep. Therefore, try to intonate the voice. Speak something louder, then quieter. Somewhere faster, and somewhere slower. Be sure to highlight important points and do not focus the attention of the commission on minor ones. Do not bother – then you get the impression that you are confident in your work …

  1. Gestures
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It is important to accompany your speech with gestures. The statue will not be able to hold attention for a long time. However, you should not swing your arms in all directions, dilute your speech with smooth and slow gestures. It is best to rehearse speech at home in front of a mirror.

  1. Sincerity

At the end of the speech, you can express the deepest regret that you could not cover all the questions on this topic. You can also say that in the thesis you will cover the topic in more detail and take into account all the shortcomings and shortcomings indicated in the dissertation review (most likely they themselves will stop you and put an extra “plus” to your presentation). These are just some tips that will help to confidently keep on defense, but, besides how to talk, you need to know what to say. If, after the work done on the dissertation, there is no more time and energy left to write a speech, it is quite inexpensive to order it from us on the website. The author, who you choose, will analyze your dissertation and write the appropriate speech. Of course, if you do not like it, we will either send it for revision within 20 days, or refund your money. If you decide to write a speech yourself, then the information on how to do it, read the article “Speech for the protection of the dissertation”.