How to Focus and Concentrate

Knowing how to focus and knowing how to concentrate will depend on what type of person you are. Take a closer look at your personality type: are you Type A or are you Type B? Type A personalities usually have a higher level of stress when it comes to their work load as well as any other area of their life that is going to require work.

Without their “perfection” they feel as if they have failed. The things that make them happy are achievements and challenging goals, which will require them to work very hard. For these types of personalities, there is going to be an intent and highly questionable level of focus and concentration. This may require them to perform a sort of meditation before they go into a workplace or educational facility.

These personalities may have to stay away from the caffeine so that their minds aren’t running a million miles a second! If you are a “type A” personality, then you may have to find a way to calm your nerves and anxiety if you want to focus and concentrate. They are very competitive, and if they see that someone is working above their standards, then they will go to any extreme to be better than that person. For this group to concentrate, there are often an underlying motivation and sense of reward so that they know they are achieving something of worth.

A “Type B” personality will deal with a very low amount of stress and have the ability to work consistently without trouble on how to focus or how to concentrate. They can concentrate easily because they aren’t worried about other things going on in their life or what people are going to think of their work. For a “Type B” personality to focus it may take a bit more motivation, but they are more likely to have the ability to comprehend information the first time that they hear it.

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It may be much easier for them to focus in class because they are relaxed – although, they may not have all the nice details and extra features in their work or projects because they don’t have that perfectionist mentality. This type of personality doesn’t mind losing because they just enjoy playing the game. Often, it’s effective to pair a Type B and A personality together because they can work better as a team. Pair the hyper-active personalities and you may get two people who bump heads.

Place two carefree attitudes together and the project may not be up to par with the standards of the assignment. Both are reflective and they will think about the introvert and extrovert self, but the way that they focus will depend on what type of environment they are comfortable in and what their reward is – if there is any at all. What type are you? Attempt to focus for the reward that you are in search of and you will find the outcome that you need as a person and as a diverse individual.