How to start a thesis

For self-sufficient people there are other recipes. The head should be a professional of his craft, a man who should study.

When, after I came to the Institute of control to my dear teacher and an outstanding scientist, Mark Aizerman training was this: I was given a task and has ceased to deal with me. I now understand that by just looking, how I’m ‘floundering’, it was a harsh school life, if ‘resurface’, you should do. Then I worked and studied a lot.

What should a writer do prior to drafting a thesis statement?

As I understand it, the objective must be clearly determined that this and what we intend to and more, in a task commonly known ways to solve it and the machine that we use. That is, the task is always concrete, as in the school program. Theme statement examples might be, say, the analysis of data using linear regression. You have a camera, you problem and get something. Another example, you have input that you have a model that describes the behavior of the participants, you need to find the conditions of the first order. Here is the problem.

How to write a theme statement

The problem is a little bit more. It is known that this, but we’ll get that far unknown. Moreover, the apparatus and technique are often unknown. They have to invent a problem or modify some existing ones. Where the problems arise and how they are resolved, on this subject, written many books. There is a wonderful book by Thomas Kuhn ‘Structure of scientific revolutions’, there is a marvelous book by a great French mathematician, Henri.

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I’ll give you an example from my own life, I came to the models with interval-utility, which very much takes into account human behavior.

In 1995 in Paris my wife and I were down from Montmartre, on the corner of Boulevard de Clichy man was selling nuts. I went and asked how much it was before the Euro. It turned out, 8 francs small package, and I had a pocket full of change. I start to count down, take another little thing to his wife, typed on 4 packs and I give him this trifle, 32 Frank’s the most trifle, and suddenly the following happens: he gives me 4 packs and then a handful of change I gave him, throwing it on the Boulevard. There really was very shallow coins, but to throw. Thrown into the street 32 francs, about $7, I was somehow shocked.

The next day at the University I asked colleagues what that means? They shrugged, “you never know, never mind”. And I thought about it and came up with a model in which the error in distinguishing between two alternatives in the behavior of the individual depends on his relationship to the good. If you have a lot of money, the error increases. Billionaire operates on values rounded to one hundred thousand, this one behavior. The more money, the more this interval. Other behavior: the richer the person becomes, the greedier it becomes, the interval is reduced, and he beats over every cent. These models published.

Another model, the threshold of aggregation also came to my mind when a few years ago on television showed the situation when several houses in Podolsk deprived of water. The water had not filed or served in 15 minutes during the day. This story showed the program “Time”. It looked thus: luxury brick house, garden, greenery around and quite angry people say that they don’t give water. I watched this show, and then it transformed into a very interesting model.

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Where is a thesis statement located

There is a common model of a linear convolution of indicators: for example, with two parameters, add them with weights, and say that it is the usefulness of the object, the total for the two indicators.

Here is an example. The perceptual quality of a television program depends on two parameters: the sound and image quality. If we sum these two parameters, the image degradation can be compensated by increasing the sound level. Here’s some simple thesis statement. Clearly, the more quality of the image, the greater the need to increase the sound, which, of course, wrong.

I imagined that living near the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg, I love him very much, everything is wonderful, every morning I look at the sculpture, I can go there to walk, but the water in the house give me 15 minutes a day. Compensates if my life needs the presence of the Summer Garden, the Hermitage? Of course not. Always ask yourself: “how can this thesis statement be improved?”. So I think of the model when the aggregation is “non-compensatory” in nature, and it was a brand new model in science, which is more than 200 years.