How to Use a Flat Outline to Write Outstanding Papers

If you want to write a good work plan is needed. After all, writing without a plan is chaotic, not thought out, the idea of “wandering circle”. So, we need to learn how to write a paper fast and to properly execute the plan. And it’s not easy.

How to quickly write a paper

As the title of the plan submitted, as a rule, not single words and not sentences, and detailed phrases. Individual words are too narrow, specific, main idea or theme them to transfer quite difficult. But complex sentences are not suitable, because what is already finished and completed the thought. Everything I wanted to say is said. It was the phrase more appropriate for the plan. It is a kind of semantic unity that carries information in a collapsed view. And in the writing of this information “takes place”, the idea is disclosed. The purpose of an outline for an informative essay is to make a structure of essay before writing.

But there is language in the form of questions that work answers.

It is important to remember that the plan carries information about how you constructed your reflection essay outline. Specific information on the content of each part. The essay must be “viewed” through the plan.

Every essay consists of three parts.

  1. Introduction.
  2. The main part (which includes a few paragraphs).
  3. Conclusion.

The nature of the work should correspond to the subject, to be logically consistent. Remember: the plan you write primarily for yourself!

Although clean copy plan you may not require, in the draft it better be it will help you organize your thoughts, select the appropriate material, to reject the unnecessary.

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Given a concrete plan how to write an essay on the exam on social science. It consists of 7 important items:

  • Plan
  • Quote.
  • The problem raised by the author; its relevance.
  • The meaning of the utterance.
  • Own point of view.
  • The argument on a theoretical level.

At least annotated outline example of social practices, history and/or literature, which confirms the accuracy of the opinions voiced. Conclusion.

Now consider step by step all the recommendations that are important to consider when writing an essay. Comment on each item of our plan for the essay.

  1. Selection statements:
  • Selecting statements for essays, you need to be sure that you own the basic concepts underlying the science to which it relates;
  • clearly understand the meaning of the utterance;
  • can Express own opinion (completely or partially agree with the statement or to refute it);
  • know social science terms that are necessary for the proper justification of personal positions on a theoretical level (the used terms and concepts must clearly correspond to the topic of the essay and not to go beyond it);
  • will be able to give examples of social practices, history, literature, and personal life experience to confirm their own opinions.
  1. Definition of the problem statement.

For a more precise formulation of the problem, we offer you a list of possible language problems, which occur most frequently.

To the problem it is necessary to return periodically throughout the process of writing an essay. This is necessary in order to correctly reveal its contents, and do not accidentally go beyond problems and not get involved in arguments not related to the meaning of this statement (this is one of the most common mistakes of many essays).

  1. The wording of the main idea statements
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Next, you need to uncover the meaning of the utterance, but do not repeat verbatim the statement. In this case you can use the following body outlines templates.

  1. The definition of its position to the statement

Here we can agree with the author fully, partially, denying a certain part of the statement, or argue with the author, expressing the opposite opinion. You can make use of phrases, clichés. Argument their own opinions.

Next, you must justify your own opinion on this issue. This requires identifying arguments (proofs), that is, remember the basic terms, theoretical terms.

The argument must be made on two levels:

Theoretical level it is the basis of social science knowledge (concepts, terms, controversies, schools of thought, relationships, and opinions scientists, thinkers).

Experiential level here two variants are possible.

The proposed form allows to strictly control the adequacy of the arguments being presented and prevent “avoiding the topic”.


Finally, it is necessary to formulate a conclusion. An outline for an informative essay should not literally be the same judgment, according to the study: it brings together in one or two sentences the main ideas of the arguments and sums up the arguments, confirming the fidelity or infidelity of the judgment which was the subject of the essay.