How To Hunt For Jobs After Business School

The biggest stress on students who are getting ready to finish their time at a good business school is how they’re going to find a job. The job market is extremely competitive right now, but there are some steps you can take to be better prepared for searching for careers in business. If you dedicate time to learning about business careers, getting organized, and developing a plan before starting to hunt for jobs, you’ll be much calmer and will likely feel better about obtaining a position.

The first step to take when you’re getting ready to search for a job in business is to gather all the documents you’ll need to apply for almost any position. The following are some of the most important materials you’ll need to have ready:

Resume – Make sure you write your resume to show off the best skills and qualities you would offer as an employee, as well as the relevant experience you’ve had before.

Cover Letter – Write a basic version of a cover letter that you’ll easily be able to tailor to the specific position you’re applying for.

References – Letters of recommendation from employers or professors from your time at a registered business school will offer reputable references that may help you stand out from a pool of job candidates.

Proper Interview Outfits – This may not seem like a major concern, but you should be prepared with at least one professional outfit you can wear to an interview. You always need to make a good first impression and you never know when you’ll be asked to meet with someone from a company for an interview.

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Thank You Notes – Have thank you notes ready to send soon after you complete an interview with a company. Like a cover letter, you can have a general outline written which you can then modify for each company you send a note to.

Once you’re ready to start applying for jobs and going on interviews, you must find the best sources for business career information. The following are some of the resources you can tap into when searching for a job:

Your School’s Connections – Many business schools house a career services department that can help you find a position or put you in connection with a company in your field of business that they’ve placed students at before.

Networking – Spread the word that you’re looking for a job. Attend any networking events you hear about and talk with your professors, your fellow students, graduates of your business school, and even your friends and family. You’ll be surprised what connections you can make by simply discussing your career search with other people.

Online Listings – There are many reputable online databases on which companies post open positions. The internet is also a great place to go to research job openings at a specific company. Most businesses have information on their websites about careers within the company.

Career Fairs – Career fairs offered at business schools or within a community can be a great way to network and meet potential employers. Prepare for job fairs ahead of time by knowing what you’ll say to the company representatives that you meet.

Newspapers – Newspaper classifieds can still be used to scope out job opportunities. Many newspapers are available electronically now, which makes the search even easier.