Know Where You’re Going or You’re Already There: Selecting Your College and Degree

Know Where You’re Going or You’re Already There: Selecting Your College and Degree is a free ebook put out to address the plethora of concerns facing the soon-to-be college freshman. From deciding what you want to do in college to how to pay for it, this ebook is an invaluable resource for high school seniors and parents of any nationality looking to further their education in the United States. This ebook will take you through all of the necessary steps to get yourself into the institution that is the best fit, starting with readying yourself to apply, researching schools, and ending with how to find funding for your education.

Readying yourself for the application process consists of many steps, from meeting with your high school counselor, studying for and taking the SAT, choosing the right kind of institution that will best suite your needs, and learning how to fill out an application correctly. While these steps may seem easy, that is not necessarily the case. Our ebook provides a great reference guide should you get stuck anywhere in this pre-application process. It answers questions like:

Who can help me narrow down my choice of colleges to institutions that will suit me academically, as well as emotionally?

How is the SAT divided up and who scores this test?

Do I have to stay to the word limit on my college application?

And many more…

Researching college institutions can be a daunting process. To do so effectively, you need to not only know what questions to ask, you need to know the importance of how institutions respond to these questions, as well. Our ebook explains the importance of a school’s reputation, as well as stresses the importance of knowing any given institution’s policy on international students and students with physical and/or learning disabilities. It is important to know that all universities are not created equal, and our ebook will help you weigh various colleges against each other. You will learn the answers to important questions, such as:

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How important is a college’s academic reputation?

How do I find out about the professorial staff of a college?

Do I have to tell my potential college about my learning disability?

And many more…

Higher education is expensive, especially if you don’t know how to access monies available to students to assist in the cost. It is important that you know what you’re financial obligation will be upon enrolling school, as well as what it will be once you have graduated. Our ebook clearly explains the difference between federal and state grants, need-based and academic scholarships, and loans to help you along the path to fund your education.

Nervous about beginning your college search? Look no further than our free ebook, Know Where You’re Going or You’re Already There: Selecting Your College and Degree!