What Leads to Traitors to Switch Sides and Betray Their Group

A person in the main issues with innovation in America may be the amount of intellectual asset that is siphoned off to other nations without regard to proprietary home, or regard for the R&D departments or the specific inventors that made it. Maybe the largest problem in preserving secrets rather than allowing loose lips sink ships because the challenge of insider threats, and interpersonal engineering on this evening and age of cyber attacks and sophisticated hackers is overwhelming.

And what with the traitors, those people individuals who switch sides, the so-called Benedict Arnold’s in the entire world? From a philosophical standpoint and in watching research fiction flicks what about people humans that turned on their very own species these types of is from the motion picture “V” – and what about contemporary issues such as people depicted in the new HBO distinctive TV SET series? These are somewhat apropos to this dialog in addition, understandably you’ve got watched the show, it can be known as; Homeland.

What about loan wolf terrorists including Timothy make evening, or even the Unibomber? What would make them tick, what would make them flip versus that which they beloved? I’d submit for you that it can be caused from getting outcast, cast aside, or when a group turns their again to the individual – or a person who cared a lot and believed a lot, after which finds out there exists corruption and manipulation inside midst from the corporation. It appears to me that whether or not they are really correct about the corruption or it really is a delusion in their mind, after the group turns on them, they typically turn spine on the group.

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Now then, like a nonbeliever of religions, I typically have other nonbelievers speak to me to talk about issues. Numerous in the people who I talked to that are nonbelievers aren’t nonbelievers due to the fact they imagine there is certainly no God, but rather they are really executing it towards the sake of revenge because an corporation has turned on them, for example the Catholic Church or another organized religion, anything they believed in, experienced accomplished them mistaken, or they obtained completed unsuitable and ended up being outcast, but then blame the group.

Like I mentioned, it possibly isn’t going to matter if it really is all of their intellect, or it really happened, they tend to use this as their reasoning and justification for turning their backs to the group, nation, or inside science fiction flick all of humanity. That is helpful is not it? Okay so, we have one survive remark, and this would be the real kicker;

“Are our sociable networks, and World wide web interactions inadvertently out casting several subscribers of society within a way through which people may possibly want to seek out revenge from the future – either within the group, society as being a total, or to choose out their anger on individuals they think have carried out the improper?”


In other words, whether or not it really is a bully or even the mass mob blames the specific, it amounts to the very same matter and inside end it really is an explosive circumstance. From time to time the personal who’s been outcast destroys on their own, and often they find revenge, either way, shouldn’t we be mindful of “office environment gossip” situations jogging out of regulate and plastered onto the web for all to determine? Aren’t we inadvertently making a problem we so concern? And if we are, ought to we discontinue? Are these societal networks definitely bringing people today with each other or are they ripping the fabric of society apart?

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In any situation I depart you with that philosophical thought, and no it is not okay for an individual to do nearly anything drastic, or result in damage to an additional, there is certainly not justification for that, but because this can be an intrinsic and innate high quality and characteristic of human being beings in society, shouldn’t we fully grasp the dynamics in order to prevent it? Certainly I hope you’ll satisfy contemplate all this and consider on it.