Mass Media Essays: Ideas for Writing

They “appeal to the individual in the totality of its social roles as a citizen, and family man, representative of society in General and the residents of a particular area. The contents of the media covers all aspects of the relations of man with society and its subsystems, all areas of public relations, which included”. Read the mass media essay if you want to know more.

Broadcast media types

Under the mass media is commonly understood as social institutions that ensure the collection, processing and types of mass communications on a massive scale. Mass information is intended for numerically large, usually geographically dispersed audience and is fast and regularity of distribution, almost simultaneous consumption mediate, to some extent character.

The transmitted information must necessarily be in the public interest. Dissemination is an integral part of the mass spiritual communion of people, which emerged at a certain stage of human development in addition to direct interpersonal communication.

Each of these media has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

Essays about media

The specificity of the press expressing its contents through the written word, lies primarily in the more than on radio and television, and analytical texts. The reading process involves a high degree of abstract thinking, active imagination, intellectual stress. In the result, the closer becomes the interaction between the author and the reader. Also, newspaper and magazine texts as a convenient repository of information: you can return to them for a detailed study, they are compact, easy to reproduction, etc. Among the specialized printed publications about health can be noted magazines such as “Health”, “Health of the schoolboy”, “Medicine and health”, “planet health,” “Women’s health” and others. Also, these publications are available on the Internet.

On the Internet a number of specialized sites on health is large enough, only in there are about five hundred.

Importance of mass media. Essay describes the main advantages of a radio are associated with greater compared to TV, promptness and accessibility and almost unlimited spread, and with technical simplicity and low cost production process. However, it should be noted that with the development of scientific and technological progress differences associated with the efficiency and availability have become blurred. Expressive means of radio journalism a live voice, noises, music have high potential accuracy and imagery in the transmission of real events. Today, radio is poorly involved in the dissemination of health information.

Mass media articles

TV combines the capabilities of radio, film, photography, painting, and theater. Synthesizing the image and sound, it is able to achieve almost complete lifelikeness of broadcast pictures, provide the timing of events and the audience watching them. There are the following reasons for such a rapid and massive proliferation of television:

  • Information is shaped, holistic in nature and therefore highly affordable;
  • TV shows easy to read (do not require even basic literacy);
  • Creates the effect of personal presence and participation;
  • Much of the information people receive is through vision (it is the main channel for obtaining information about the world).

In order to identify what role in the dissemination of information about health needs to play the media you need to define the purpose and functions of mass media in society.

American theorists and historians of printing, there are four theories that characterize the media, each of which has its own specific purpose. First, it is the authoritarian theory, the purpose of which is to maintain the policies of the current government, as well as in the service of the state. Secondly, the libertarian theory. Its purpose is to inform, entertain and sell, but mostly to help find the truth and to control the government. Thirdly is the theory of social responsibility, which aims to inform, entertain and sell, but basically to translate the conflict to the level of the discussion. And the fourth theory socialist. Its purpose is to contribute to the success and maintenance of the socialist system, in particular of the dictatorship of the party.

In modern formed a different approach to the media close to libertarian theory. It is also called the concept of free will. Theorists of this doctrine clearly defined functions of the society and the state. Man in this conception is the goal, and the happiness and welfare of the individual target companies. The main function of the society is to promote the interests of its individual members.

“The state exists as a method to ensure the individual’s environment in which he can realize their potential”. On this basis, the main purpose of media is to satisfy the needs of society in information. The need for information is the need to aggregate such information, in which the company needs for normal functioning and development. The functioning and vitality of society as a whole depends first and foremost on the health of its individuals.

Health stands as one of the necessary and essential conditions of active, creative and fulfilling life in society. This is what at the time drew the attention of Marx, presenting the disease as constrained in your freedom life. Inadequate level of health (ceteris paribus) has a negative impact on social, labour and economic activity of people, productivity and intensity of labor; a negative effect on some indices of natural movement of population, as well as to health and physical development of the offspring. In this regard, information about health should take a leading place in the information space of television, radio, press and Internet.

Annual medical statistics shows an increase in morbidity and an increase in the number of persons with disabilities, which in turn adversely affects the demographic situation in General. On average, the population is annually reduced by 600-900 thousand. The mortality rate in 2005 reached a value of 16.1 ppm. Of particular concern is the increased mortality in the young age cohorts. In 2005, life expectancy at birth was 65.3 years: men is 58.9 years, women 72,3 years. Such a significant difference (13.4 years) between life expectancy of men and women in no country in the world. This gap is much higher than in most countries where this value is on average 5 to 7 years.

To preserve health is the urgent task of forming the entire population of a new culture of health that not only reduces the likelihood of diseases, but also allows you to progressively strengthen a person’s vitality based on the use of traditional and non-traditional methods of prevention and treatment of diseases.

Form of mass media

To change the attitude of people towards their health is impossible without the help of powerful tool for shaping public opinion – media. The role of the media in shaping attitudes, values, norms, ideals and patterns of behavior for individuals and society as a whole, is invaluable. Television, radio and the press, fulfilling educational, informational, cultural and spiritual functions, is able to increase the interest of the population to the problems of maintaining a high level of health.

Currently mass media topics issue of research is the study of the media field, in particular the kind of social dimension has disseminated information about health.

It should be noted that modern media can have both positive and negative affect in the dissemination of health information.

A positive role could be played by social advertising. In the particular advertising of toothpastes, shampoos, hygiene products, etc. to perpetuate in the minds of men observe the rules of personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, the domestic media is often found in advertising products that can harm the health. For example, in advertising food restaurant “Mcdonald’s” focuses on the fact that the suggested diet is full and healthy. However, according to medical experts, the products of “fast food” only has a negative impact on health, leading to such undesirable consequences as obesity.

Currently, the advertising of strong alcoholic beverages and tobacco products on television is prohibited. Quite obviously, such measures need to be taken in the relations of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, for effective struggle with bad habits, is required to prohibit such advertising not only on television but also on radio and on outdoor billboards.