Methodology of a dissertation

A dissertation is a long, painstaking job that requires a maximum of time and effort, so it is not the most pleasant thing to rework it several times. To avoid this, you can contact us. Authors on our exchange will begin to respond to your application within ten minutes after publication, and then you will only have to choose the right one. The second way is to make a clear plan of work on the dissertation and strictly follow it. To do this, read on.

Moral training

So, you have chosen a topic, coordinated it with a supervisor. Now you need to adjust yourself to work. Make an approximate work schedule: on this day I have to do it, on the next, etc. After that, you just have to blindly follow the schedule.

Drawing up a final plan

The schedule you made, now you need to make a dissertation plan. It is necessary to determine the structure of the dissertation, the titles of chapters and paragraphs, what applications will be, etc. After that, do not rush to start working. Be sure to meet with the supervisor to approve the plan. If he doesn’t like it, he will help you. Then you will have the final plan of the thesis, which means half the work is done!

Writing a dissertation

Oddly enough, but this is not the most difficult part. You will need a lot of time to gather information, analyze, select and present it. After that, you must set out the research part (and for this you must first conduct a study). And finally, to summarize and draw conclusions. Dissertation is ready!

Defense of the thesis

This is the most interesting. It seems that everything is already behind and the dissertation is ready, but it was not there. Members of the state attestation commission will not read your work completely, so they need to talk about it briefly, and also so that they are interested and entertained a little. There will be useful oratorical skills.