Operational feasibility study

Operational feasibility study is written after analyzing the technical, economic and scheduling studies.  It should determine if the proposed project feasibility study will be implemented.  It will measure the proposed project if it can solve the current problems and satisfies the requirements identified during the analysis phase.

During operational feasibility study, social issues, external and internal issues also analyzed including manpower problems, manager resistance, organizational difference, policies and rules, social acceptability, legal aspects as well as government regulations. Operational feasibility study always measure all aspects needed

An operational feasibility study will determine if the proposed solution can be implemented without any hassle such as staffing. Throughout the operation, anticipated operational risk should be identified as well as positive result including customer satisfaction to weigh if the propose project or study will still pursue.

In terms of computer upgrading or computer programs a solution, operational feasibility study is projected the proposed system if it can solve the current problems with the use of manual operation. Management or employee should also ready to accept the change. The proposed system also measure if it can provide reliable services as well cost effective information including accurate reports and if really benefits the company.

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