What To Do When Your Parents Want To Choose Your Career Path

If you find yourself in a tough position because your parents have decided a career path for you, you’re not alone. My best friend comes from a long line of doctors. Her parents are both doctors and her grandparents and so on and so on. They wanted her to major in premed but she hated math and really wanted to major in political science and focus on the psychology part of it. Her parents were pushy but in the end she convinced them that, although, she wanted to please them she wouldn’t be happy. It wasn’t an easy feat for her but definitely a victory she felt was worth fighting for.

It wasn’t a decision she made over night. There were a lot of things for her to consider, and as her close friend and confidant I tried to listen and support her as she explored her options. On one hand, she knew that becoming a doctor meant secured employment and income. As for most young adults keeping the tradition of career can mean job security if you have the option of working in the family business. She would also have her family to rely on for support and feeling the camaraderie of sharing the same field of work was appealing because she valued the close relationship she had with her parents. On the other hand, pursing her true passion meant she would like her day job and she could enjoy her online course material because it interested her. The idea of being successful was easier to imagine if she was working and researching something she loved.

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As Shakespeare once said, “we are masters of our fate.” Our own happiness rests in our hands. If choosing a career path goes against your families wishes you may be up for some resistance. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and always choose to follow your heart.