Pedagogical dissertation topics

The main task that confronts applicants for a scientific degree of a candidate of pedagogical sciences or graduate students is the selection of the topic of work that is optimal for a particular individual. For those who are currently studying in graduate school, it is somewhat simpler: a list of relevant and fairly new in terms of science topics is at the department, sometimes the supervisor helps to determine the topic. There are cases when it is necessary to orient yourself independently for further coordination with your teacher in the variants of the topics of the PhD thesis on pedagogy. It is worth acting on the basis of your own knowledge and experience, the general recommendation will be the choice of the most familiar and understandable area. Another option is to choose a direction, the study of which will become the most significant advantage in future employment.

Themes of dissertations in pedagogy

Promising scientific developments in pedagogy affect the relationship between the processes of education and upbringing: in this area the use of new techniques is proposed and argued, the psychological response of children to education is studied, the effectiveness of the application of classical schemes under changing and different conditions is examined.

A large scope for scientific research is represented by pedagogical psychology, theses on which may affect the following areas:

  • Features of the behavior of adolescent schoolchildren. Specific topics may include situations of social conflict, problems of children’s enthusiasm for computer games, career guidance issues.
  • Portrait of an effective and successful teacher of primary, secondary and higher education. Here, developments can consider the personal characteristics of the teacher and their impact on students, methods of combining the efforts of various teachers to achieve certain tasks, the teacher’s psychological readiness for working with disabled children or especially gifted children.
  • The influence of external factors on personal development and education. The problems cover the specifics of relations between parents and children, the impact of individual peer groups on a child (friends, classmates), the formation of attitudes in the face of the diversity of the surrounding information space.

Another popular area also relates to interdisciplinary specialization. We are talking about pedagogical models, theses on which are of serious practical and scientific interest. Theses of such a plan cover a wide range of issues, ranging from psychological and pedagogical models for the formation of a successful child’s personality, to models for the formation of a successful specialist in enterprises in the production, service or trade sectors.

It is important to study the methods and methods of pedagogical communication, dissertations, and other scientific works in this field and provide tremendous help to both beginners and experienced teachers. The works cover aspects of communication organization, its styles, psychological characteristics, features of preferred types of behavior in specific environments (for example: military academies, schools with a certain professional bias, correctional institutions).