What does “The Persistence of Memory” mean?

All the art of Dali is paradoxical and difficult logical analysis. All the direction of surrealism – challenge of logic and natural order of things.

“The Persistence of Memory” analysis

This work attracted the attention of critics. No other painting has not survived so many attempts to explain the image and to perform the maintenance.

The master claimed that the idea came to him over Breakfast when he watched as his wife put melted cheese on hot toast. But this statement cannot explain the whole complicated symbolic language of the paintings.

Salvador Dali “Melted Clock” painting – the main character of the work can be explained by the attempt to convey in the picture is a complex and nonlinear nature of time, relativity and the intricacy of the process. The author claimed to have written a picture during a migraine attack. Hence the allegorical image of the sleeping head, my longing for healthy sleep and a hint of complex images that caused suffering.

“The Persistence of Memory” meaning

Favorite for Given symbols: the egg (life), the sea (immortality), olive (wisdom), ants (decay, decomposition) is here collected in a single composition. Yield hours contrasted with the clear and tough shape of bases for details. The picture evening, hot sun lights another Cape running into the sea, but a large part of the area of work – in the shadows. The evening as a symbol of sadness and melancholy that defines the overall mood of the work.

Brown scale, the pressures in the color work, creates an atmosphere of moderate pessimism. Given, as usual, very accurate in the picture and many details. Simply a number of individual items forming the composition, at first glance happens. The harmony of the work, its lightweight nature and ease of perception provides an abundance of “empty” space. Miniature size of the picture – also the undoubted advantage of the work of convincing evidence in favor of the personal nature of the work, revelation of deeply personal experiences of the author.

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Attention to the work caused by the fact that the author issued a clarification regarding the content of their work. Usually laconic and terse comments on the artist, this time was unusually talkative. Every word of the great hoaxer used by art historians to analyze all the other works of surrealism.

For many it may seem strange that this miniature work of “The Persistence of Memory” artist has become his most famous painting. But the author treated this fabric with a special warmth. She was always the object of his pride.