PhD thesis defense

One of the most difficult stages in the life of a young scientist is the defense of a candidate dissertation. It requires no less preparation than writing the scientific work itself. It is on the speech to the Higher Attestation Commission that the future of the applicant for a degree depends. Therefore, immediately after writing a dissertation, one should begin to prepare its defense.

What needs to be prepared

By the day of defense, an applicant for a scientific degree must have prepared:

  • Abstract, it should reflect the very essence of scientific work and contain key points of the study.
  • It is necessary to prepare a speech in advance for the defense itself, a brief, but substantial, maximum volume – up to 20 sheets of printed text.
  • Answers on questions. After a report on scientific work, members of the commission may have some questions. Typically, these questions arise at the stage of writing a review about the candidate dissertation, and you can rely on them when preparing answers.
  • Visual aids: slides, posters, graphs, charts, diagrams, tables and other illustrative materials.

At the stage of preparing answers to potential questions, it is important that they be concise and conclusive. In addition, you need to be prepared for unexpected issues that also cannot be ruled out.

How the defense goes

A good competent report is the success of the defense itself. If the report is not prepared correctly, you can ruin even the most outstanding dissertation. Therefore, its preparation needs to be paid a lot of attention. It is advisable to prepare a report or speech in parallel with writing a dissertation, so as not to lose sight of the most significant arguments.

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Speech on defense begins with the introduction – this period lasts no more than 1-2 minutes. For a short period of time, the topic of his work should be voiced, its novelty, relevance, what significance it has for modern science.

The next stage of protection is the main one. Within 10-12 minutes you need to talk about the nature of your research, bring as much evidence as possible, briefly describe the chapters and their contents. Visual aid will come to the rescue here. The more material prepared, the easier it is to perceive the text of the report. It is important when demonstrating the illustrations to give a link to the dissertation, that is, in which part of the text a detailed description of this application is given.

In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize and draw a brief conclusion. In total, oral presentation should take no more than 20 minutes. Sometimes during this time, it is very difficult to talk about what was being prepared for several months.

Important points

There are still some tips that applicants will need before speaking. Firstly, you need to know the text of the report – do not read it, namely to tell with confidence. Secondly, there is no need to put off training in the “long box”, it is better to do everything in advance and devote enough time to this occupation. And the last – the author of the dissertation must be completely confident in the reliability of his research, he must be well versed in the topic in order to be prepared for unexpected questions from the commission.

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The defense of the Ph.D. thesis falls on the shoulders of the applicant for a degree, but the preparation for it can be entrusted to the specialists of our company. If you order a report to be written by a professional, there is a lot of confidence in his correctness and literacy; accordingly, you feel calmer on defense, without doubting the reliability of your words. We take on any topic and guarantee to complete the work in the shortest possible time.