Preparing to take the First Certificate in English

Any age is good to learn and get a new title. However, languages when younger one, much better. So if you have young children, they should not leave the English by the time they are adults, where you can learn equally, but with a degree of difficulty.

“Any age is good to learn and get a new title. Nevertheless, in the languages when younger one, much better.”

What is the test?

The exam consists of five sections: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking, fixed term each, for a total of four hours maximum consideration.

The First Certificate in English (or FCE) is equivalent to a B2 level in the European languages, which can be considered as an average seated.

Someone who gets the title of FCE without much trouble can communicate with a native, and write simple essays without difficulty.

How to prepare for the First Certificate in English?

There are countless methods available, some work better than others, but keep in mind that without effort and dedication, you will be difficult to pass.

Below, we detail a daily plan that you can follow, combining your work and assuming you currently have low or low-medium:

  • 15 minutes of reading aloud from a novel for English learners. This improves reading comprehension and speaking vocalization and confidence to speak up.
  • 45-50 minutes of review of grammar. There are many books available in the market, which also come with typical exercises First Certificate in English, that come in handy to review and get an idea of what the exam.
  • 45-50 minutes of listening indirect. This is ignoring hear a voice in English, such as that of an online radio news. This greatly improves the Listening and also you can do while you make the above point of grammar.
  • 20 minutes talking to someone in English. It does not know much English, it can be a friend. The goal is to gain confidence in speaking test. If you have no one, Invent an imaginary friend and “talk” with him.
  • 20-30 minutes watching documentaries or news in English, which can be subtitled original version if required. Once again, the aim is to improve the Listening.
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This plan adds more than 2h and average daily contact with English, although this will only have to spend around 1 hour and 45 min. (Remember that the point of listening hint you can combine with another exercise at the same time).