Presentation of the research paper according to the standard 2015

The research paper, like other types of work performed by students, must be delivered in the proper form. The norms that govern the appearance and structure of the essay are most often set by a specific teacher or department, but when there are no strict requirements for the design of work, refer to the highest list of standards.

Compared to term paper or thesis, essay takes less resources and time, with enough effort it can be completed in one or two evenings. And the mistakes made during its compilation do not so critically affect the final score. However, writing a research paper according to the 2015 standards will provide a high assessment of your efforts and improve self-discipline.

Research paper structure

The degree of importance of the essay is unlikely to have an advantage over other types of work, but the official requirements clearly indicate what sections it should consist of, and what is the order of its semantic parts.

The structure of the research paper is as follows:

  1. Title page. It represents information about the topic of the essay, the educational institution and the student who worked on the material. The requirements for the design of the title page are individual for each university or faculty.
  2. Table of contents. If the text of the research paper consists of many parts or chapters, then in this section you need to list their page numbers. For a simple research paper, it is necessary to refer only to the beginning of the main text and to the list of references.
  3. The text of the research paper. It consists of introduction, main part and conclusion. This is described in more detail later in the manual.
  4. When writing a lecture, the use of additional sources is inevitable, and a list of all resources, from books and magazines to websites, should be given at the end of the lecture. First in the list are printed publications, and then all the rest.
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If already at this stage of the work you are experiencing difficulties, then it is better to entrust the design of the research paper according to 2015 standards to our authors. They will cope with the task efficiently and in a short time!

How to write a research paper text?

It is important to understand that although the information in the research paper is collected from many sources, fragments of the text from there cannot be simply copied one by one and passed off as a full-fledged work. The approach to creating an essay is the same as when writing an essay: it has an introductory, main and final part.

In the introduction, a theme is formulated, which will be discussed further, and its relevance is substantiated. Here it is necessary to indicate what questions will be answered in the text, and how important they are for modern science. The introductory part should not take more than one or two pages.

The main text is the most capacious and informative part of the essay, so it can take a lot of sheets. The main topic is revealed here, and for this the author uses all available resources: information from sources, quotes and expert opinions, research and experiment results, as well as formulas, charts, tables, statistical and other types of data. If there is a lot of information, and it needs to be structured, then the text should be divided into chapters or subheadings.

Important! Using the illustrations, make sure that they are signed, and the text has a link to each of them, as required by the essay by standards 2015. Visual information should always be associated with the content.

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Conclusion is the logical end of the text. Usually, it sums up the results and expresses the author’s attitude to the topic presented.

Font and Page Format Requirements

  • Font Type: Times New Roman.
  • Font size: 14 pt. for plain text, 18 pt. for headings.
  • Line spacing: 1.5-2 units.
  • Page Size: A4.
  • Indentation: top and right – 15 mm, bottom – 30 mm, left – 25 mm.

Also, on all pages (except for the title page and the table of contents) their numbers are placed at the bottom of the sheet. Since the first two are skipped, the main section of your essay will begin on page 3.