Private Scholarships

Universities often have monies available to finance scholarships for students, but they are certainly not the only place to secure these much coveted gift monies. Just as universities use scholarships as a way to attract and keep a certain segment of students, private organizations often have scholarship funds set up to ensure that the segment of the population they are invested in can go to college as well. Below, we will look at what kind of private scholarships are available, how to find them, and how to secure them.

What Kinds of Private Scholarships are Available? While it might seem surprising, almost every kind of scholarship exists that can be imagined. There are private scholarship funds set up by feminist groups for working mothers, ones set up by firefighters for the children of firefighters, scholarships for children of Vietnam Veterans, for first generation immigrants, etc. If you can think of it, a scholarship probably exists.

How Do I Find a Private Scholarship? There are several ways to go about finding private scholarships. The first and most simple is to contact your university’s office of financial aid and ask them. They usually have a list of private scholarships that are available. Next, go to the web. Using Google or a similar search engine type in your special interest and the word “scholarship”. You’ll be amazed at what comes up!

How Do I Secure a Private Scholarship? There is no one answer to this question. Some groups ask that you write an essay, others ask for proof of eligibility (your dad’s discharge paper, for example), and some might ask for a personal interview.

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There are literally millions of private scholarships out there! Go out and find them!