Reading Comprehension

Isn’t diversity beautiful? Communication is a vital aspect of our lives, especially being that we now live in a world that is built on technology and conversing with one another through a computer screen. Without the ability to read, write and use a device we are left stranded by the rest of the world. As new technology is being distributed out into the market, and we are all adopting new and more convenient ways of doing things we comprehend the world in a new light.

Now, whether you view this change is a positive or negative change has nothing to do with the fact that it is actually blanketing the old way of doing things. Without a reading comprehension, you are literally going to be left stranded. Not only is it important for communication purposes- but, reading comprehension is actually a portal in which we allow our brains to grow and take in new information that is important for future reference and decision making.

The one and only way to find a new job, learn now vocabulary, learn a new language or even play music notes is through this reading comprehension. As a student, you may not be as gifted in the area of English and reading as you may be in science or math; that’s okay, because all of our brains are stronger in one area than another. We all have a different way of learning and comprehending certain types of information. Math problems come easy for those who are good at memorization and now diversity in reading and writing.

English may come easier to those who are good at expressing themselves through words. It’s a beautiful thing that we have the opportunity to learn how to read through public facilities. When we can take advantage of all the opportunities given to us and put forth all the learning capacities that we have then we can also learn how to read and express ourselves verbatim in a way that is new, refreshing and introductory. Introducing ourselves to new ways of doing things and learning is the only way that we are truly going to be happy.

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As a human being we need stimulation, and we need the challenge. Some ways of doing that is by incorporating the things that we like doing into the things that seem like a chore. As we may dread the idea of working our whole lives, it doesn’t have to be work if it’s doing something that we love to do. Reading doesn’t have to be work if you can read about something you love.

All in all, reading comprehension is a means for surviving because we cannot survive if we do not communicate with others through the proper use of vocabulary, writing and technological communication. There’s so much beauty within a book and if you don’t have the energy to sit down and read one then try to find one that speaks of your life interest. If you are a “mathlete” and you despise reading words, then try picking up a book that contains words but is about math. Compromise is the key with reading comprehension!