Research methods in the thesis

When you write the introduction of the thesis, you have many tasks. Developing your own methodological base is one of them. It is necessary in order to demonstrate what research methods you used as you wrote your thesis. To write a thesis, the student often lacks the list of empirical and theoretical methods that already exist, and you have to develop your own. This is a rather complicated process, so sometimes it’s easier to just order a thesis from us. Unlike agencies, we do not use intermediaries, therefore prices are much lower.

In order to proceed to the classification of scientific research methods, you must first understand what it is. The scientific method is a set of basic ways of obtaining new knowledge and methods for solving problems in any science. The method includes methods for studying phenomena, systematization, adjustment of new and previously acquired knowledge.

Classification methods

All methods can be divided into two types: special and general scientific. Specials are used only in a particular field of science and are not applied to others. General scientific are subdivided into 3 types: theoretical, experimental and theoretical-empirical, which combine the features of theoretical and experimental methods. These methods are mainly used when writing the practical part of the thesis.

Theoretical methods:

  • The method of ascent from the abstract to the concrete (the object of study is conventionally divided into many parts, analyzed, and then assembled back, according to the results of the analysis);
  • The method of idealization (used to simplify complex tasks; objects are created for it that do not exist in reality);
  • Method of formalization (used to display information in symbolic form).

Experimental methods:

  • Method of observation;
  • Experiment;
  • Comparison;
  • Simulation (building a model of the object, which is investigated).

Empirical-theoretical methods:

  • Method of abstraction;
  • Deduction method (from general to specific);
  • Method of induction (from the particular to the general).