Setting Goals

What is the importance of setting goals? If, as a student or an instructor, you can look at the big picture, then you will find that the only way to grow and achieve bigger and better things is by constantly challenging ourselves. Doing things “outside of the box” is a difficult task for those who are insecure in ways. Insecurities come from an outside opinion, and the surroundings that an individual has grown up in.

When we are fed information enough and when others attach us to ideas and concepts outside of ourselves then we begin to conform to that idea. The important notion to work off of when it comes to achieving bigger and better things is by setting goals and self-discipline. Did you know that laziness, and self-discipline are some of the two most common ideas that will prevent us from being happy in life and achieving milestones? It’s true!

Setting goals and forcing ourselves to work at them will not only build character, but it will require us to search for different ways of doing things in our head. Venturing out of our comfort zone is the only way that we can lessen the amount of fear and insecurities that we’re feeling and grow into something wise, experienced and humble. As a student, setting goals without competing with others is the only way to measure our own success.

Take a closer look at where you were 6 months ago and where you are now. If you feel that you have gained experienced in at least one area of your life, then you have grown upwards instead of downwards. All of us have to face different battles to get where we want to be. It may not be fair, but it will require more strength on the behalf of the individual who has to work ten times harder. In the end, isn’t that a gift?

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It may seem torturous and painful, being that we have some sort of life handicap that seems to be holding us back from being successful and achieving a good outcome…but, in the end, it is molding our character and the amount of tolerance that we have when it comes to facing difficulties throughout life. It isn’t about achieving your goal; it’s the journey that you take getting there. When you are setting goals, and you achieve them every time without difficulty, then you’re never going to understand that there’s a different part of life. A side of life that is painful and full of turmoil.

Without an understanding of the things that set the world off balance then there will never be an understanding of what life is in general. The beauty in everything and as a student is coming to realize who you are, where you came from and what helps you to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Every time that you push yourself in learning, and every time you hit the books, you are increasing your chances of having the grade that you want. It takes sacrifice for reward.