Study in Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia. It has been said, that the name Cyprus hides an ages-old mystique. Today, that mystique has intertwined with its history and long tradition to form beautiful resorts that combine white sandy beaches with wild virgin mountainous settings, untouched since antiquity. Thousands of tourists as well as students from all over the world make Cyprus their destination every year, because of its natural beauty, its unique climate, and its hospitable people.

With its unique proximity to Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has been coveted, won and lost by countless civilizations over the centuries. Since the Mycenean Greeks settled in Cyprus over 3,000 years ago establishing the Greek civilization on the island, Phoenicians, Romans, Crusaders, Franks, Venetians and other conquerors have all left their mark on the island and helped to shape its special character.

Cyprus is the island where people from all over the world find it easy to engage in a variety of activities. They may choose to visit various historical monuments, archaeological remains, mediaeval castles, monasteries, fertile countryside, cedar forests, or vineyards where they become familiar with its long history and culture. Or they spend their days absorbing the sun on its beautiful white sandy beaches and enjoy their afternoons by taking strolls on the beachfront. There are, of course, those who thrive on the wild side of things, so they seek adventure through a range of outdoor activities including hiking, diving, water sports and bungee jumping. During the evenings they venture out to spectacular night clubs and bars, where they enjoy a mixture of Greek and foreign music.

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Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long, dry summers and mild winters. It is the sunniest island in the Mediterranean; from May to September there is hardly a cloud in the sky! Therefore, it remains a popular destination for tourists all the year through.

Cyprus prides on its almost non-existent crime rate and the Cypriots’ easy-going friendliness. Cypriots enjoy their security and tranquility in their small, beautiful island and never fail to show that everyone is welcome on their little paradise. It is a desirable destination especially for students, because of this.

Why choose Americanos College

During the 28 years of its foundation, Americanos College has enjoyed considerable success. At the same time it has gained valuable experience in the field of higher education. These years have seen the birth and growing to maturity of a significant academic institution in Cyprus; an institution with firm foundations, dedicated to offering quality higher education. We have indeed built a sound structure, which, on the one hand, provides the communities with well-trained and valuable professionals and, on the other, offers its students guaranteed success in achieving their career goals.

With our dynamic and innovative team of professors and advisors, we have created an academic institution to meet the needs of students in the new millennium. We can say with confidence that our faculty follows modern teaching methods, which enrich their communication with the students and create close relationships and honest co-operation.

Teaching methods are based on those followed successfully by trustworthy international universities. Our curricula offer the most comprehensive and in-depth education. Our learning methods include seminars, presentations by students, professional experience (internship), case studies, development of practical skills, group projects, research and studies. The recognized qualifications of our College are the result of rigorous programs of study, which equal and often surpass comparable programs offered by universities abroad. As a result they can open doors to your future.

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Orientation, employment and career services and assistance with finding accommodation are just a few of the services offered to students at all stages of their College life. Moreover, many extra-curricular programs and activities are organized and sponsored, which aim at enhancing students’ life at Americanos College. One of the college’s missions is to cultivate a feeling of shared responsibility whereby students can learn the importance of teamwork and become members of an international community.

Our reputation as a college offering high quality education is recognized both nationally and internationally. The college maintains agreements with a number of American, British, Australian, Canadian and other English-speaking Universities, where students may transfer to continue their undergraduate studies or pursue postgraduate studies. These agreements are on a credit/year for credit/year basis. Our students may study for 2 years at our College and 1 in the United Kingdom or 3 years at our College and 1 in the United States and obtain a British or American Bachelor Degree. The agreements we maintain ensure the shortest time and the lowest cost in obtaining a British or American University degree.