The secrets of successful classroom management

Many associated with classroom management behavior questions only of students but also affects many other areas of training, such as organization, communication and environment. The class organization is that the provision of desks and shelves. And ‘the method used by students to ensure the free flow of space. A simple advice for the submission of homework, tests or class assignments with a color box or just closed on a desk or workbench. Helps students and teacher of all work to keep in one place. As the students work at different speeds, have finished their tests and classroom work at different times. You can leave your work and return to their seats quietly working on a worksheet or reading a book. A teacher may also spare baskets or boxes of different colors for the license, school notes or other information presented to students in the morning.

For example, the red cube is used for the permission slip for field trip, is the green bin is for ordering books and the blue bin for all other grades. You can label the containers or write instructions on the card to the trash. If students cannot read, an example of paper with the color will be placed next to it, so the child knows, I am in what order they entail. The method saves time and the teacher holds together all the related documents.

Communication is important, whether students or their parents. Good communication helps parents know what is expected of themselves and their children. Send home weekly assignment list earlier this week, helps parents to plan their programs accordingly, and know which books or materials for the needs of the students, the task completed. A weekly test folder is another way to communicate with parents. Every Friday the students will receive a folder with all previous works classified. The parent(s) must sign each test, and return the folder with the papers the next day. The folder has the student’s name on the front and kept at school until Friday. Put all the folders in alphabetical order, and type a number in numerical order at the top of the folder can see the teacher to quickly see through the set of folders, if the file does not exist. This method keeps the parents updated on progress of student performance and maintain the flow of documents signed by the students.

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Research has shown that this is a colorful, informative and relaxed atmosphere ideal for raising a small child. Showing a series of posters, decoration for the party or the current season, and display students’ work is visually appealing for children. Have to do with learning when they are surrounded by pictures of inspiration and emotional colors. Children are motivated to learn when exposed to music. There must be classic. The music is Latin jazz or other types, depending on time of day. Playing music comes as happy as children of the class can help you feel excited to learn something new, while playing a soft song can play, while the design of children are quieter activities like reading or are working on a spreadsheet calculation. The temperature can affect the learning environment. The children work best when the temperature is low in the seventies. A very hot room or closed is inconvenient for students. If it is not possible for the temperature, open windows or use a moderate fan. Create an environment that is comfortable and colorful makes learning fun. Through simple techniques for classroom management, teachers can help students succeed.