The volume of coursework

When writing a coursework, it is important to correctly determine how many sheets it should have. Course work should not be too small or too large.

How many pages should be in the coursework

Many factors influence how much course work is considered ideal. We indicate the main ones:

  • Scientific discipline. Coursework can be written as a humanitarian discipline and be abstract in nature, and on the technical, with the development of a device or program, numerous schemes and calculations. The volume in the pages in this case differs significantly.
  • Course of Study. From first-year students are usually expected as a course paper, and determining the amount of such a coursework should be, set the frame 30-35 sheets. Undergraduates can write serious studies, close to the diploma, their volume can reach 40-60 sheets.
  • The complexity of the topic. This is quite a controversial factor. There are topics that require a much larger volume for disclosure, and there are those that are enough and 25 pages.

The size of the course work on state standards

The amount of coursework in 2019 is not regulated. In other words, none of the many standards indicate how many sheets should be in the course. At the same time, they can draw useful information on the structure of the work, which will indirectly help determine the volume. Structural elements required for decoration:

  1. Title page. Always takes one page.
  2. Table of Contents (content). In courseworks, it is usually also placed on 1 page, but due to the large number of applications or long item names it can take 2 pages.
  3. Introduction to 2-3 pages.
  4. The main part of the work, divided into sections and subsections. The standard is the division into 2-3 chapters of 2-3 points in them.
  5. The conclusion is approximately the same volume as the introduction.
  6. List of sources used.
  7. Applications.

How to determine the amount of coursework

The required number of pages is not set according to the standard, but most often it is specified in the guidelines or oral recommendations of the teacher. Let us consider how to understand what a “coursework with 30-35 pages” is.

  • Applications are never included in the total.

Example 1

Some topics require huge applications: for example, when developing a program, the code listing can take dozens of pages, this does not free the student from writing the text part.

  • Structural elements such as a title page, a table of contents and a list of references may or may not be taken into account – different universities have different approaches to this issue. They are numbered.
  • The introduction, conclusion and main part are always included in the prescribed volume. The only exception is when the training manual specifies requirements not for the total amount of work, but specifically for the volume of the main part of the work. Then only pages in chapters are counted.

Volume Advice Tips

To avoid any claims to the volume of your course work, you need to do the following:

  1. Learn from the head, how many pages should be in the course.
  2. Subtract from the total page size, necessary for the required structural elements (all but the main part of the work) – approximately 8 pages (2 pages each for introduction, conclusion, list of references, plus the title page and content).
  3. Divide the remainder by the number of chapters and paragraphs: for scientific works, it is recommended to maintain a balance between the constituent parts, they should not be too different. So you will get what the approximate amount of the course work paragraph should be. When writing, try to keep it at least approximately.