Thesis statement: Gender inequality

In the world there is no country where women earn as much as men

Although in many countries over the past century, women gained many rights, gender inequality in the workplace. Essay covers a problem even in the most developed countries. On the planet there is no country where women and men in similar positions receive the same salary. “Women make up about half of the population of the Earth and deserve to receive the same access to health care, education, earnings, influence and political rights as men,” write the authors of the report of the world economic forum. Our argumentative essay on gender inequality is dedicated to clarify this topic for you.

The closest to gender equality are the Nordic countries

The first place among the countries that is most successful struggling with inequality, is Iceland. The top five includes and other developed countries of Northern Europe: Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. There is a gap between the different floors overcome 80% of it might have to do with developed innovative economy and a high standard of living in these countries.

Nicaragua and Rwanda are fighting inequality better than many developed countries

Sixth place in the ranking is unexpectedly of Nicaragua. A small and poor country in Central America ahead of the US, UK and other countries of the developed world, because there’s a lot of women who get higher education are engaged in professional work and participate in government. Immediately after Nicaragua is Rwanda she received a high rating, because in the local Parliament there are more women than men. There is a thesis statement on discrimination. You can easily find it by googling.

This is largely due to the indicators, reflecting the involvement of women in the political life of the country. According to analysts’ estimates, only 16 % of parliamentarians and 7% of government officials were women. In addition, the low place in the ranking was influenced by the income gap between men and women.

Chad, Pakistan and Yemen countries with the highest levels of discrimination

One of the last lines of the ranking is Chad, where few women have the opportunity to receive higher education and almost all managers, lawyers and officials are men. Pakistan fell to last place due to the large inequality between men and women in the economic sphere, while Yemen came in last place due to rupture in the amount of earnings and inequality in education and politics. Social inequality essays nicely tell us about more detailed.

The world situation has improved over the past nine years, and changes occur in the most unexpected regions

“World economic forum” has started to publish statistics in 2006 since then the authors of the report regularly interview CEOS of companies from around the world about the wage of their subordinates and to measure other indicators reflecting the situation of women in society. Changes occur very slowly over nine years, the overall situation of women on the planet has improved by only 4 %. However, studies show that most countries are moving in the right direction. The positive dynamics noticeable in 105 of the 142 countries included in the report. The situation is improved not only in developed countries. A lot of essays on gender inequality were written, and you might be interested to dive in them.