What to do with a Third Class Degree

Some people will end up with a third class degree, what you do next really depends on why you ended up with a third class degree.

You worked really hard but are not academically gifted:

Try and get a good reference from a lecturer stating what a hard worker you are. Employers value people who work hard, turn up on time, commit themselves and do the best job they can. Play on this as best you can in applications.

Don’t despair, you are still in the top 50% in terms of education and have an advantage over those who decided against a degree education.

As time passes, the specific grade will carry less meaning as work experience becomes the key factor employers are looking for, as opposed to degree results.

On that note, try and get into a good company at a lower level, i.e. if you fail to get in on a graduate scheme, see if you can get a job in a lesser admin role. If you are able to get a role in a decent company, your hard work will allow you to progress.

You have the ability but did not work hard at University:

Consider taking another degree!

This may sound like crazy advice, but, if you think you can change your ways, then getting a good Master’s degree will allow you to draw a line under your poor degree result.

Both myself and the author of Getting A First (Insider’s Guide) performed badly in courses prior to getting a first class degree. Both of us were consequently far more dedicated on our degree courses, and determined to put past mistakes behind us.

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You are still at University and heading for a Third Class Degree:

  • Get advice from your degree lecturer’s
  • Consider switching degree courses
  • Consider adding another year to your course to write an outstanding dissertation, thus drag your marks up
  • Work like a maniac, quit your part time job, don’t waste a second of your time!