Tips for writing a motivational essay

A graduate school who seeks to enroll in a foreign university or a large domestic university, is obliged to collect and submit a package of documents for consideration by the commission. It must also include a motivation letter. Moreover, the importance of such an essay is unreachable.

It is not uncommon for a strong student who has performed well on exams to be rejected by the university administration for enrollment due to a poorly written motivation letter.

Work Tips

Be sure to include:

  • why choose this profession;
  • proven veils about the school;
  • what motivates you to cultivate, what gives you the strength to go forward;
  • What are your goals?
  • what was achieved in sports and creativity;
  • why are you a good student;
  • your features, abilities and opportunities for which you should be credited.

Motivational essay: an example of how NOT to do

We give an excerpt from the work, which cannot be rated highly:

“Hello! My name is Mary, I recently turned 16 years old.

I applied to many educational institutions, but I was only able to pass on points. Thank you for having such a low threshold. You inspired me to learn, move forward and improve myself. The teachers at the school did not succeed. They could not prove the importance of education, to my deepest regret. All that I have achieved, I have achieved myself. Without the help of teachers.

Everything is different with you. As soon as I entered the audience, I immediately realized that I wanted to study here for the next 4 years. Maybe then I even go to the magistracy. I think I have enough strength to overcome all the difficulties and hardships on the student’s path.

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Why did I like the audience? Why do I mention her again and again? Because it is very spacious, bright and very cozy. Immediately it is clear that you care about your students. Such an approach is dear to me.”

Motivational essay, an example of how not to do: analysis

  • Dialogue to build with the reader should be mandatory, but primitivism is not appropriate. The first 2 sentences should be formulated differently.
  • The theme of the work, the problematic should be indicated in the introduction. This is not. The meaning of the message is not clear, what goals the author pursues, what he is trying to convey to the reader.
  • You should not mention other universities in the work, if you are not ready to conduct a comparative analysis and do not strive to devote all the work to this.
  • Universities pride themselves on the difficulty of selection. It is not necessary to focus on opposing ideas.
  • Talk about your virtues, keep silent about the shortcomings. A low score is a bad recommendation.
  • Do not speak unflattering about their school years and teachers. Remember that teachers will be the examiner.
  • Primitivism of flattery, the inability to make compliments and find the strengths of an educational institution will lead to the fact that the motivational essay, an example of which is given above, will be put aside immediately after reading the second paragraph.
  • Errors in the approvals and the use of words, the meaning of which you do not know, will lead to the refusal of enrollment.