Tips for online and distance study

The online training and distance learning offers many advantages but also some drawbacks. Being a non-contact type of training, you have the obligation to attend school, or to justify the absence, so you can play against you.

It is also possible that the fact of being at home makes you let your guard down. Temptations around you (the couch, bed, television) and obligations (making food, tidying the house). At home, say to yourself ”I’ll do it tomorrow” is very tempting, but if you fall into that trap, you may eventually leave the course.

If you thought that distance or online study does not require a lot of dedication, you are wrong. Make it a line education does not mean you should not spend time. While it is true that you will save travel time, it is essential that you have the mindset that you will have to study.

Here we suggest a list of tips to overcome a distance course or online successfully.


The absence of a rigorous schedule should force you to develop your own program. Choose the most convenient time to study and take advantage of downtime. Coordinates with family members at times you‘ll find dedicated to the study to avoid interruptions.


The autonomy you get done you should take responsibility for your own pace. It is necessary that you respect deadlines for not impair the interactivity of teaching. Be constant. Study set yourself deadlines and objectives in consultation with your teacher. The fact targets set will help you move forward.

Make your own summaries and schemes always helpful. Examine yourself, take advantage of self-assessment exercises, or summarize aloud the content of the material you’ve just seen or read.

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Study with illusion. Remember that it is not an obligation. It’s something you do for yourself, for your future.


Consider the interaction as an integral part of the training model. Be open to continuous exchange of opinions, team work and discussions. Interact with your peers and tutor, participate in email lists or discussion forums that the center offers you.


Do not be embarrassed. Ask the tutor what you do not understand. Check everything you do not understand, the time it takes. That is the guardian and even peers.

In short, the main rules for distance or online study do not differ much from those of all life: discipline, method, motivation, collaboration and curiosity.