Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Business School Graduates

Are you thinking about going to school for business, but you just can’t decide whether or not it’s worth it? Getting a business degree can lead to many new opportunities for you, including working in some of the highest paying jobs this country has to offer. While gathering business school information, check out this list of careers you can have once you get a business degree. It just might help you figure out what getting a degree from one of the best business schools, whether it be a traditional college or an online program, can do for you.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) – CEOs have an average annual salary of about $160,000. They are the highest ranked individuals in a company and oversee the operations of many different departments within a company. They make important decisions, delegate responsibility, and can work for a company in any field.

Marketing Managers – Marketing managers earn an average of $118,000 each year. They are responsible for organizing and promoting businesses and planning for how to best meet customers’ advertising needs. They also take part in sales, product development, and pricing strategies.

Agents and Business Managers – Agents and business managers that represent famous athletes or entertainers can make an average salary of over $101,000. Their job is to market their clients to employers and handle contract negotiation. They also schedule any performances or appearances at events that their clients must attend, all while collecting fees and commissions.

Personal Financial Advisors – Personal Financial Advisors make at least $93,000 a year. They direct their clients on how to manage their money in both the short term and the long term. They advise on how to invest money, plan for retirement, or pick insurance policies.

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Management Analysts – Management Analysts have a base salary of about $83,000 annually. They are paid to be problem solvers. They research and propose the best moves to make when it comes to a company’s structure or efficiency in order to make the most money for the company.

Financial Examiners – Financial Examiners make an average of $78,000 each year. They make sure a company is following all necessary laws and regulations when it comes to transactions involving money. They also make sure all these activities are recorded correctly.

Logisticians – Logisticians earn about $68,000 annually. Their job is to oversee the purchase and handling of all materials within a company. They analyze the life cycle of products from their creation to their sale and distribution and can also be responsible for keeping track of the movement of employees within a company.

Business Operations Specialists – Business Operation Specialists have a base annual salary of $65,000. They oversee all daily operations of a business. They monitor the use of materials as well as the jobs of employees while keeping in mind company policy.

Cost Estimators – Cost Estimators make at least $60,000 each year. They forecast the potential cost and purpose of business projects companies would like to take on in the future. They try to determine how much profit a company can earn from making purchases or creating new products as well as how much the change will cost the company.

Human Resources or Labor Relation Specialists – Human Resources or Labor Relation Specialists earn a base annual salary of about $58,000. Their job is to recruit, hire, and train new employees for a company. They also handle all policies regarding employees and address problems concerning employee attitudes and work environment.