Topics of coursework in economics

Course work is usually a creative project that the student performs independently. However, economics is not the most creative subject, so finding an interesting topic can be quite difficult. Even if you decide to order coursework from us, which is very reasonable, because you will no longer need to work on such difficult parts of the work as an introduction to the coursework or the conclusion of a coursework, anyway, you will have to decide on the topic yourself. But we can’t just drop the students. Therefore, we picked up a small list of interesting topics on economics that can be used for your course work.

  • The economic growth. Growth factors.
  • Economic growth in the USA: problems and prospects.
  • The concept of a “resource curse” and prospects for economic growth in the XXI century.
  • Economic growth and sustainable development.
  • Investments and their role in ensuring economic growth.
  • Macroeconomic instability and forms of its manifestation. The cyclical nature of economic development. Features of economic crises in the modern economy.
  • Economic cycles: essence, types, functions. Features of the anti-crisis policy of the state in the United States.
  • The Great Depression of 1929-33 – lessons for the 21st century
  • US labor market: general patterns of functioning and national characteristics.
  • Unemployment and its features in the modern United States.
  • State employment policy and its features in the United States.
  • Inflation and its socio-economic consequences.
  • Anti-inflationary policy of the state and its features in the United States.
  • Monetary policy of the state. Features of monetary policy in the United States.
  • The role of banks in the modern economy. US banking system.
  • Tax policy as an instrument of state regulation of market economy.
  • State budget policy. Features of the budget policy in the United States.
  • Differentiation of income in a market economy and its measurement.
  • The economic policy of the state in the United States: goals and main directions.
  • Formation and distribution of income in a market economy.
  • The problem of poverty and how to solve it.
  • Social policy of the state. Features of the state social policy in the United States.
  • Problems of assessing the results of economic activity.
  • Social policy of the state: national peculiarities (on the example of 1-2 countries).
  • State policy in the field of education (health).
  • The cycle of product resources and revenues.
  • Microeconomics in the system of economic knowledge.
  • US foreign trade. Modern stages, structure, etc.
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