Topics of research papers on philosophy

You studied philosophy over the course of a semester, and now you must write an essay and can not decide on a topic? We will give you some recommendations for choosing the topic of essays on philosophy.

Philosophy is a rather complicated, but interesting subject. What is wonderful here is that you can reason for your pleasure, in no other subject it will be so appropriate. So, how to choose from a long list of possible topics?

Choose what interests you

This is a very important point. If you write about what you do not understand, or you are bored, the essay will be difficult to complete and not at all so informative and interesting.

You can take any general topics like:

  • Philosophy of National Identity
  • Philosophy and religion, forms of dialogue
  • Philosophy and science, general and different, etc.

Or specific theories and philosophers, for example:

  • The concept of consciousness in the works of Husserl
  • The concept of the unconscious in Freud’s teachings
  • Man in the philosophy of Marxism, etc.

Be specific

The topic can be formulated generally, but you must take a specific aspect and reveal it as fully as possible. Philosophy is dangerous in that you can begin to disperse and not say anything specifically. Concentrate and do not pour excess water.

For example, if your topic is Philosophy and Art, select specific theories. You can have 2-3 theories and describe them, trace chronologically the points of contact, etc. Do not write general phrases – this creates the impression that a person does not understand what he writes about at all.

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Clearly and accurately refer to philosophers and reputable scientists. Speaking of theories of the same Freud, it is best not only to quote his scientific works, but also other scientists. Reinforce your attitude or thoughts with authority. Use quotes fully and correctly, do not take words out of context.

Such a study seems complete and deep. And show your work from the best side.

Never use encyclopedias as sources, especially electronic ones (like Wikipedia). That is, you can use something, but do not write about it. Quoting should be only from original sources.

Know the terminology

This is a very important point. When preparing an essay on the topic “The Problem of Anthroposociogenesis in Philosophy and Science” you must define what anthroposociogenesis is, understand it and use the terminology on the topic in the essay. It is impossible to write an essay on the topic “Synergetics and the establishment of a new methodology of cognition” and not to understand what synergetics is.

However, do not get carried away. Do not overload the text with long and complex words, especially if you need to defend this essay. Show that you are in the subject, but do not show off. It will come to you sideways. Use only words whose meaning you know.

Possible topics of essays on philosophy

You can choose any of the following topics that you like and prepare a good job using our tips:

  • The influence of Chinese philosophy on the aesthetic views and artistic practice of the Far East
  • The Influence of Taoism on Design Thinking and Design Practice
  • The embodiment of Zen Buddhism in the art of the Far East
  • Poetics of Aristotle. The concept of “mimesis” in the aesthetics of Aristotle
  • Symbols of the Orthodox Church as the embodiment of the worldview of Christians
  • Key Aspects of New Age Empiricism
  • Kant’s doctrine of taste
  • Moral issues in the works of F. Nietzsche and F. Dostoevsky
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And many others.

Do you have problems choosing the topic of essays on philosophy or writing it? Is philosophy far from you? You do not understand philosophy at all? We will help you! Our experts will choose an interesting topic and prepare a good essay for you!