Using Past Exam Papers

Using past exam papers are very useful for revision for your degree examinations. Past exam papers allow you to test your knowledge, in depth on real degree questions. Trying to answer these degree questions can identify areas of weakness, and lead you to revise in areas you may otherwise have overlooked.

These exam papers will give a good indication of the level of difficulty you are likely to experience in the actual exam.

Often you will see that different years’ degree papers revolve around key points themes, make sure you revise these thoroughly, but do not rely too heavily on this principle, it could be disastrous!

In my first year I revised using past degree exam papers, and to my delight, many of the questions in the real exam were along similar lines. So, for my next examination I did the same, and not a single question was in any way related to the previous exam paper I had practiced with.

Hedge your bets and revise everything you have learned on your degree properly. Only use old papers to supplement your other revision methods and gauge the depth of knowledge expected on your degree course.

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